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Ballard's Blue Glass opens a food truck

Evolution Revolution Food Truck

Owned by the lady behind the Blue Glass in Ballard, Evolution Revolution is accomplishing the former (changing the inherited characteristics of traditional foodstuffs), in a manner that can only be described as the latter (from a food truck, instead of over successive generations!), all thanks to a chef who learned his skills cooking on National Geographic research vessels, so he was a natural selection

ER's approach is to pimp familiar dishes with unusual ingredients, which means the corn dogs are made w/ wild boar, and the chocolate chip cookies are unusually delicious 'cause they have bacon in 'em

The unusual-ness extends to the handmade pierogies which, according to the menu, are made with love... and also oxtail

There are also sandwiches like the Lomito -- the traditional South American number is usually made with pork, represented by a slab of ham, but ER adds Wagyu steak & covers it w/ a fried egg, ensuring that if survival really is for the fittest... anyone who eats one is screwed.

Evolution Revolution Menu
Evolution Revolution Oxtail Pierogies
Evolution Revolution Steak Lomito