Over-the-top handheld eats from a truck

Though probably not the best thing to say to your lady wife as soon as you get home from work, "Now Make Me A Sandwich" is a great thing to say to a former food distributor and his lady wife, since it's both the name of their mobile foodery and what they're trying to do for you in the first place.

This delivery-esque truck is where the magic happens, assuming magic means piling three kinds of pork onto some bread, like in the sandwich pictured at the top

The inspiration for the trident-wielding viking on their logo was Julianne Moore in The Big Lebowski. No, seriously. That's actually true.

A generous squirt of gravy is what Val Kilmer prefers instead of cologne, and what NMMAS uses as the base for most of its sandwiches.

If you got rid of the cheese, you'd have to pony up even more cash to get the package from the Greeks... and see that the next step is adding things like thin-cut roast beef, onions & peppers

The result is the Beastie, which also tops the list of things you likely should never call a lady, whether she's your wife or not.