Seattle's sweetest butcher gets his own shop in Pioneer Square

After killing it from behind a counter at Melrose Market, the former Discount Tire jockey/Boat Street sous chef-turned-butcher behind Rain Shadow Meats has opened a second location he's calling Rain Shadow Meats Squared, which is a wholly inaccurate description since it's, like, cubed the size, and the selection is to the, like, um... why are algebraic expressions so hard?!?!You can watch RSM's protein-carvers toil in their open kitchen provided you're not too distracted by the exposed brick, or reclaimed floor. The shop's three deli cases are stocked with edibles that range from cuts of locally sourced beef, to various meats stuffed into tubes...... to meatballs stuffed in caul fat, aka that thin membrane that surrounds the stomach. Who's hungry?!?!They've also got terrines, and sandwiches like this pressed porchetta number, which isn't stuffed into anything except your mouth. This guy is literally hanging in the fridge, waiting to be turned into bacon, prosciutto, pork belly, and sausage. Or, if it was up to him, likely pigs in a blanket. Unlike at the original, there are actual places to sit here, and take down sandwiches and a handful of other prepared items. The menu includes a steak tartare made from Harlow Cattle Co. beef, which is served like the edge of RSM's one other table: raw. There's also the pickled onion-/arugula-/chevre-topped Romesco, made with house beef… so maybe the one he had with the hospital's owner in season two? Or with that cop who kept trying to put him in jail?If there's any doubt who's responsible for all this glorious meat, just peep the giant vintage-ish mural dating from circa 44.8664685^2... aka, 2013!