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Seattle, the Best Day of Your Life is almost here

June 21st won't be a normal Friday. Thanks to Thrillist, it's actually going to be the Best Day of Your Life! Provided you can follow some simple directions..

What you need to do: 1) practice playing sick so you can get off work, 2) download our printable itinerary complete with sexy map, 3) follow all the #BDOYL social action here, and 4) get ready to enjoy the longest day of the year with stuff like free lunchtime apps from Matt's in the Market and discounted happy hour 'tails at Pintxo when you mention who made it all possible (Thrillist!)

5:12 am: This is when your Snoopy alarm goes off. After wearily hitting the snooze button a few times, you realize this is the Best Day Of Your Life and finally bolt out of bed around 5:42

Dawn's Early Light: A 3.2mi run around Green Lake at this god-forsaken hour will help you stay in shape for a day of serious not-staying-in-shape, and get you home before the city's probably still pretty pale masses descend on its shores

The Crack: Home, get showered, then call KEXP's John Richards to only semi-ironically request My Posse's On Broadway so you've got something to listen to on the way to