The Town's 5 most incredible melty sandwiches

Super Deluxe at Grilled Cheese Experience

You know what the best thing in the entire world is? Figuring out the pattern when gambling in The Legend of Zelda. But you know what the second best thing is? Eating one of these five incredible grilled cheeses, chosen from hundreds of cheesy prospects as the best in Seatown:The Grilled Cheese Experience's Super DeluxeFood TruckThe Grilled Cheese Experience's Super Deluxe (pictured above) is an awesomely ambitious number topped with Samish Bay's aged chipotle cheddar, house-smoked bacon, caramelized onion, sun-dried tomato & avocado that's so good you should have tried it years ago... or at least as soon as they opened in 2012.Sound Gouda? Click here for more deets.Cheese Wizards' Voldemort-adellaFood TruckLucky for you, charming food truck Cheese Wizards slings the Voldemort-adella w/ smoked Gouda & thick-cut, pan-seared mortadella, 'cause it's magically delicious.Get more on the magic, hereBeecher's Handmade Cheese1600 Pike Place; Pike Place Market; 206.956.1964There're no meat/veggies/etc. on the handmade cheese sandwiches from Beecher's Handmade Cheese -- just slices of their Flagsheep fromage & their Just Jack.Get all the cheesy deets on their siteMonte Cristo Melts' Croque-MadameFood TruckMonte Cristo Melts' Croque-Madame is inspired by the people who gave us the Count of Monte Cristo in the first place: Jim Caviezel and Luis Guzman! Just kidding, it was the French, so as you'd expect, in addition to a fried egg, their aged-cheddar & Gruyere number is topped w/ Bechamel.If this sounds delicious to you, click here for more melty goodnessSkillet Diner's Ultimate Grilled Cheese1400 E Union; Capitol Hill; 206.512.2000Skillet Diner's “ultimate” grilled cheese is Brie, cheddar & American cheeses on brioche toast w/ bacon jam, and would only be better if it were the size of a frisbee. All the details are right this way

Voldemort-adella at Cheese Wizards