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Thai eats and sliders definitely not from a food TRUCK

Fun Guyz Food Trolley

The city's food trucks have long competed to stand out by wrapping themselves in eye-catching artwork, but Seattle's newest mobile food operation, Fun Guyz, has pretty much got the competition wrapped up by skipping the truck altogether and setting up shop in a 37ft bus that used to be a working trolley car, but presumably doesn't still handle like it's on rails.The fact that before they opened a music factory, C&C supposedly ran a Trolley Express is one of those "Things That Make You Go Hmmm".Inside the trolley, the former engineer is in charge is cooking up a variety of eats, starting with a Thai Noodle Medley that gets its start with pan-cooked veggies.Next, they add noodles made with Steve Largent... aka, white rice.Then, FG throws in a bunch of marinated chicken, and the medley -- which presumably goes something like nom, nom, nom -- is complete. The food choices, however, are far from complete. The hand-formed mini-burgers try to ensure love handles don't sprout from your midsection by coming with healthy things like... um, sprouts.Plus, the bite-size spring rolls are named for the Thai woman who makes them by hand for Fun Guyz.Finally, they've got something called "Trieignets": peanut butter & jelly sandwiches dipped in batter and deep-fried, meaning the competition for most amazing dessert idea is pretty much wrapped up as well.

Fun Guyz Food Trolley exterior
Fun Guyz Food Trolley stir fry
Fun Guyz Food Trolley cooking noodles
Fun Guyz Food Trolley Noodles
Fun Guyz Food Trolley burger
Fun Guyz Food Trolley spring rolls
Fun Guyz Food Trolley fried PB&J