Epic Ales opens its own gastropub

Since the most epic way to enjoy beer is probably illegal in the continental United States, you should probably just hit Gastropod. The experimental 20-seat brewpub is from the guys behind Epic Ales, who spent two years getting the place ready 'cause they figured a menu of locally sourced/personally foraged eats would at least make it way more epic than their old tasting room. They pulled the trigger on the pub idea when some space in the K.R. Trigger building -- where they already brew their suds -- opened up. Up front is the nautically decor'd main room with a kitchen/bar (shown above), while in back is this room with a communal table and a handy collection of nautically colored crates. Every dish comes with pairing suggestions, so heed their advice and swill some Party Time!!! with this okonomiyaki topped w/ a goose egg. This is what you get when you mix mussels, duck confit, and tagliatelle made with foraged nettles. As you'd expect, they've got their usual selection of brews like the Tom, which has pretty Major spice notes 'cause it's brewed with peppercorns. And also a hilarious reference to a fictional astronaut. Or you can try something more creative like the "wildly fermented" Beet Down, which is an earthy, brightly colored Lambic, and also what anyone who doesn't think this place is epic enough probably deserves.