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A badass sausage bar in Fremont

The dudes behind Hunger in Fremont have turned the empty space out back into The Augustus, which cooks up creatively flavored sausages that're extruded exclusively by hand and each weigh in at a solid 1/2lb. Now please read that again without snickering like a schoolboy. Augustus would probably let you know what's on the agenda by suborning Mark Antony's legions and chasing that punk out of Rome. The Augustus settles for an over-sized chalkboard by the bar.Bar-height banquettes make it easy to treat everyone else in the bar like they're from Kent, and look down on them.The tin tiles lining the drop ceiling above the bar are faux. Also faux: your interest in things like drop ceilings. Get those m-fing snakes off that m-fing plane and into this whiskey bottle. Even if they aren't cobra-infused, cocktails go great w/ housemade sausage that tastes like chicken wings, or, in this case, a bacon cheeseburger.Additional flavors include the Philly cheesesteak, and the brisket-/ pork belly-/ horseradish-stuffed Roper, which -- if you're not careful -- will have you looking like early '90s Ebert.Thankfully, there's also a handful of local brews you can use to drown your sorrows lest your last sausage experience also feature someone snickering like a schoolgirl.