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Waffles that taste like tacos... and potato skins

Egg-topped waffle from Waffle Wagon in Seattle

Most wagons are seriously disappointing: despite its name, a paddy wagon doesn't serve delicious cheeseburgers, and, even more turrible, chuck wagons don't come loaded with Charles Barkley. But, thankfully, Waffle Wagon is exactly what it sounds like -- a mobile food operation (from a former pastry chef) slinging Belgian-style waffles ranging from the usual sweet ones to over-the-top savory options you'll be seriously disappointed to miss.You can't miss the bright pink truck that is arted with comely cartoon ladies and lets you know they cater... presumably to people who aren't on Atkins.Familiar buttermilk numbers start on the griddle...... then get topped with creamy peanut butter & applewood-smoked bacon, or strawberries & cream, so get the money... dolla, dolla bills, y'all... out of your wallet, and order one right away. That is, if you're aren't too busy nom-ing on one of their specialty savories, which start with a sour cream potato waffle made w/ real Russets. Next, it gets topped with cheese, bacon & sour cream.And in the end, it tastes just like a cheesy version of Keebler Tato Skins/the kind of thing that'll force Chuck to actually start using a wagon to get around.

Waffle Wagon in Seattle
waffle batter from Waffle Wagon in Seattle
Strawberry and whipped cream-topped waffle from Waffle Wagon in Seattle
waffle from Waffle Wagon in Seattle
Bacon bits on waffle from Waffle Wagon in Seattle
Bacon, cheese, and sour-cream-topped waffle from Waffle Wagon in Seattle