Lamb burgers, bi-valves, and beautiful waterfront views

Westward Seattle

If there's one thing you can expect from the Skillet crews charmingly quirky Westward, it's the beautiful... uh, Southward(!) facing views over Lake Union? Nah, it's that the nautically themed spot's food will be so sweet that you won't know what to order. Luckily, we're here to help...

Westard Interior

First things first: Post-up at the boat-surmounted bar and get something to snack on...

Westward Potato Chips

... like these potato chips, which are made in-house, and served with smoked Manila clam dip.

Westward Cocktail

Now it's time for a cocktail, like this beer-based Michelada w/ shire sauce, lime & a salt-rim, and flavored w/ a sauce that there's 14 things you should know about: Sriracha.

Westward Nor’Wester

They've also got harder drinks, including the Nor’Wester, which is made with... uh, rainwater? Nope, whiskey, forestry liqueur & cocoa bitters.

Westward Interior

Perhaps you can use your beverage to toast one of these famous sea captains.

Westward Wild Boar Meatballs

Now it's time to eat, so order up some Wild Boar Meatballs w/ Summer peppers, almonds, rosemary picada, chili & honey.

Westward Lamb Burger

Then, tuck into a feta, tomato jam & pickled onion-topped burger made with Oregon lamb, 'cause serving an Oregon duck burger within walking distance of Husky Stadium would be baaaaa-d.

Westward Oysters

Finally, head out on the deck w/ a plate of oysters and a beer like Maritime's pilsner, Portage Bay, which you can actually see if you turn and face... waitforit!... Westward. Just kidding, you have to face Eastward.