Beachy bites and brews (by the beach)

A beach setting can make even the most marginal experience worthwhile, like walking, or looking at Tilda Swinton. Using the beach to further enhance the already-awesome experience of dining: South Edison

Located right by the sandy shores of Montauk, South Edison's clean and classic accents (a marble bar, steel Edison lights, galvanized chairs/ceiling fans) and ocean blue/sun yellow walls set an appropriately beachy vibe for both the banquetted/communal-tabled Surf Room, and the two & four-topped Bike Room, a more intimate experience that'll hopefully lead to you using a helmet. The menu, designed by the chef at Manhattan's three-star Cascabel Taqueria, is anchored by an impressive raw bar, sporting a rotating selection of oysters (Eagle Creek, Blue Point, Point Julia, Flowers...), Little Necks & Cherrystones, shrimp/lobster cocktails, and Alaskan king and Jonah crabs, which Josh Brolin knew he'd get, but what can you do, it's Megan Fox. For everything else you can choose from the...Everything Else menu (!), which includes hand made spaghetti w/ tomato clam sauce; lobster rolls dressed with fermented black garlic mayonnaise; a spicy tuna & house smoked bacon BLT; and pork belly that's braised w/ Cherry Cola and sided with breakfast radish, no doubt pulled from a Savage Garden

Not to be outdone, the cocktail lounge rocks ten taps (including five local brews) and drinks like the gin/cucumber/watermelon/lemon Greenacres, and the shandy-ish Hefe-weiss/fresh lemon soda Dirty Sandbox, the getting of which Leo made seem like a better-than-marginal experience, but hey, that's why he's our generation's finest actor.Photo Credit: Todd Mitgang