Food & Drink

Your favorite desserts from a truck

You can find all sorts of amazing things on the street, from lavish fairs, to hookers, to extraordinary fighters like Chun-Li...just kidding, no one played with the girl. Now posted up in the streets, lightning kicking your gut; Street Treats.Conceived by a retail vet who has turned her sales experience and "major sweet-tooth" into this just launched mobile operation, ST slings homemade, artisanal sweetness from a slickly customized, battery-operated-appliance equipped former postal service truck that was purchased on eBay, just like the California Republican Gubernatorial Primary. The made-fresh-everyday delicious starts with a mess of drop cookies ranging from chocolate chip, to peanut butter, and molasses; there's also sandwich cookies like carrot cake w/ cream cheese filling, and a vanilla bean w/ white chocolate orange that tastes just like a Creamsicle; and bar-style numbers like Rice Krispy treats, Carmelitas, as well as gooey brownies and blondies (a rival girl scout troop that was way hotter, but couldn't read maps). ST's also sourcing local ice creamery Half Pint (and letting you build your own ice cream sandwiches) via four rotating flavors, and a selection of fruity-flavored pocket pastries that're made by local pie purveyor High 5 -- guess how they celebrate a big month of sales? Too Slow, Joe! There's also popcorn/peanuts/homemade sauce Cracker Jax, and plans for mantastic pretzel and beer-infused treats; while sip-ables include Caffe Vita coffees served in their own individual French Press -- also the special move the fighter from France would've had if Capcom hadn't been worried even girls would've beaten him.