Super Bowl Snack Attack

With the Jets out of the big game this Sunday, the best way to honor the team is by strictly adhering to Rex Ryan's 7,000 calorie diet. To help out, we talked to some of NYC's hardest hitting chefs and booze-slingers, and asked them for foolproof Super Bowl snacks so simple and delicious, you'll want to Wonder-lic the bowl.

Oven Fries with Jalapeno Cheddar FondueFrom Michael Psilakis, Gus & Gabriel From the unrepentant master of heart-stopping gastronomy, these super-easy homemade fries get topped with a creamy cheddar fondue, a necessary audible as the traditional Swiss variety kept entering the neutral zone. Throw on some gravy if you like rooting for the home pou-team! Or don't. Just get the recipe here.

Amos's Awesome DipAmos Zereoue, Zereoue's This Cajun/Middle Eastern mouth mash-up's from none other than the former Steeler RB, whose cooking style borrows heavily from his birthland, the Ivory Coast, which is apparently a geographic location and not the name of Brandon Stokley's kick-ass end zone celebration. See how it feels to have Amos hit your pie hole

The Miami MicheladaFrom Joaquin Simo, Death & Co Typically made with lighter pilsners or lagers, this Mich's enhanced by the "dark, malty flavor" of Negra Modelo, which stands up to the "more assertive savory/spicy notes" of the hot sauces; also, the juices should be hand squeezed at room temperature to maximize yield. Didn't you learn anything at the fertility clinic? Quench your thirst with a batch of awesome