A slice of simplicity in Brick Lane

Simplifying things can be a joy -- just ask the public transport network, who lately've been able to reduce their dizzying litany of excuses to "Snow". Harnessing some simplicity to help fill your belly: Super Pizza.

Just opened in Shoreditch by the operators of Red Hook and the Giant/Tiny Robot venues, Super vends nothing but slices, booze, and coffee in a former antiques store, still marked by its original sign, and filled with mid-century booths & tables, plus decorations reclaimed from the defunct business, including paintings, mirrors, and Ian McShane, who like any good antique has only appreciated in value. Named with little fanfare (Pizza No. 1, etc.), the pies come in variations like prosciutto w/ honeyed figs, ricotta & rosemary, spicy Ital sausage w/ roasted red chilli/garlic, rocket & parsley pesto, and caramelized red onion & sage w/ slow-roast porchetta -- often referred to as "Italian pulled pork", which is ridiculous, because everyone knows Italians only pull models. Less meaty combos include marinated courgette w/ artichoke, pesto & goat's cheese, pine nuts, sage & Pecorino w/ roast autumn squash, and lemon oil-drizzled black olives, capers, tomato, chilli, oregano & pine nuts, which if they're Chris's must be huge given his temerity to channel the intergalactic sex appeal of William Shatner.

The hooch list is spare but effective, with a trio of hops (Moretti/ Peroni/ San Francisco's Anchor Steam), as well as three reds and whites rated "nice", "nicer", and "nicest" -- plenty simple, but still potent enough to make you the "wrong kind of leaves on tracks".