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Tony's pizza gets a little sister

Published On 08/16/2010 Published On 08/16/2010

When you're so unbelievably good at something, sometimes you feel the urge to try other things to see if you're good at them too, then return because you failed miserably and missed Will Perdue. Proving it's possible to be unbelievably good at stuff besides 'za, Tony's Coal-Fired Pizza and Slice House, opening Wednesday

Situated one door down from Tony's Pizza Napoletana, award-winning pie master Tony Gemignani's new donut-shop-sized slice house spin-off is an homage to all things meat, tomato and cheese, highlighted by a classic East Coast style display case packed with assorted 'za and 'zone goodness, a 1,000-degree coal-fired oven (which Tony says is the only of its kind in California), and a vintage Italy-inspired interior with subway tiling, elegant hand-painted signage/slogans, and a Coca-Cola vending machine from the 50s, when men were men, and highly xenophobic. Cheesy ecstasy from the coal oven'll include NY Style pies and Sicilian squares (cheese, pepperoni, or special), all-organic slices, and customizable Romana Pizza by the quarter-, half- and full-meter, though without an inch-converter, who could possibly know how much pizza that is? Tony'll also be slinging authentic Chicago's Original Italian Beef Sandwiches seven ways (a sando he's so proud of he actually flew in Chicagoans to taste-test), a full New York Delicatessen that'll include meats cut on a hand-cranked slicer from Italy, and 16 classics subs on Acme breads (Meatball, Reuben, Pastrami on Rye, etc.), plus Italian specialties like the aforementioned Calzones, Chicken Parm and seasonal "Baked Ziti", but not baked Zito, as Lincecum usually bogarts that ish.

Refreshments will include Yoo-hoos, an Original Chocolate Egg Cream Soda, and Gino's New York Italian Ice, which'll be shipped in directly from NYC, like Bill Cartwright when Jordan returned and realized Will Perdue's a punk, and terrible at basketball.



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