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Toronto’s 9 Best Breakfast Spots

Published On 05/28/2015 Published On 05/28/2015
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Figs Breakfast & Lunch
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Morning Glory Cafe
Boom Breakfast & Co.
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1. Easy Restaurant 1645 Queen St W, Toronto, M6R 1A9

All your morning meal favourites are accounted for on the extensive menu at this Roncevalles eatery, but if you want a Tex-Mex twist on your first meal of the day, the breakfast burrito doesn’t disappoint. This one gets you refried black beans, scrambled eggs, chipotle salsa, Monterey Jack, coriander, and caramelized onions all coming together in gooey harmony after being baked in a whole wheat tortilla.

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2. Gayley's Cafe 1424 Dundas St W, Toronto, M6J 1Y5

The cozy, family-run café has been turning out breakfast faves for well over a decade. Fare is simple, fresh, and comforting, like the classic eggs Florentine, served with either home fries or salad.

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3. Figs Breakfast & Lunch 344 Queen St E, Toronto, M5A 1S8

Brisk, friendly service, cheerful décor, and a low-key vibe make this place a favourite among area locals for both breakfast and lunch. The menu covers all the breakfast bases, but eggs Benny is a favourite. Everyone’s go-to hangover helper is enhanced here with avocado, spinach, and tomato and served with perfectly crispy home fries.

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4. Bivy 1600 Dundas St W, Toronto, M6K 1T8

This adorable spot on Dundas takes its inspiration from rustic French cooking and offers locals a relaxed space to start the day. By night, it switches from café mode into a cozy bistro (add this to your date night list). And for breakfast, the decadent croque monsieur ticks all the right breakfast boxes: cheesy, eggy, saucy, porky. The filling, yet not overly heavy combo of Black Forest ham, Swiss cheese, egg bread, and béchamel sauce hits the spot.

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5. Morning Glory Cafe 457 King St E, Toronto, M5A 1L6

Cute and cozy Morning Glory puts the emphasis on homemade (even the ketchup is from scratch) and local, seasonal goods. As a popular breakfast spot, it focuses mainly on breakfast sandwiches (and you can't go wrong with any of them). But if you're here for lunch, its midday menu offers plenty of sammies & soups to satisfy you.

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6. Aunties & Uncles 74 Lippincott St, Toronto, M5S 2P1

Expect a lineup at this popular Little Italy breakfast restaurant (or come early) that’s been in operation since 1998. The cheerful spot tucked away on a side street sticks to what it knows: breakfast -- done right. The concise menu is filled with egg-and-bacon-based staples as well as pancakes, granola, and the addictive cinnamon French toast served with fruit and maple syrup.

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7. School 70 Fraser Ave, Toronto, M6K 3E1

Located in Liberty Village, School is justifiably popular among the area’s condo dwellers as well as nearby Parkdale locals in need of something to start their day with. Those who enjoy their breakfast on the sweeter side should really do themselves a favour and order the Black ‘N’ Blue Flapjacks (available until 11:30am), which are neatly stacked and accompanied by black and blueberry sauce and brown sugar butter. And if you'd rather do lunch, there are plenty of salads, burgers, sammies, and more to pick from.