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Toronto's most underrated restaurants

Published On 01/15/2014 Published On 01/15/2014

Toronto’s restaurant options are endless and varied beyond any reasonable expectation. Want Hungarian food at 2a on a Tuesday? Not a problem. How about Ugandan? We got you covered. Narnian? Well, you can’t get that, but whatever. The point is there’s a lot of choice. And with that choice comes the inevitable, borderline criminal under-exposure of some completely fantastic eateries -- the following are some of Toronto’s best hidden gems.

The Depanneur

The Depanneur
Little Italy
The Dep isn’t your traditional eatery. This magical little corner stop varies between drop-in dinners (featuring some of the city’s best chefs) workshops, supper clubs, and weekend brunches. Check out the  dinners, prepped by a rotating cast of chefs and priced between $10 and $15. Bring your own tupperware and bring home leftovers. Learn more here.

Sam Riches

Atlantic Restaurant
Brockton Village
The Atlantic, like most places on this list, is pretty unassuming, and in fact somewhat sketchy from the outside, but once you’re in, it’s clear this spot does things their own way. This week, the ever-changing menu is rolling with numbers like Baharat spiced quail, stuffed with figs, and confit legs marinated in geranium mole and served with chickpeas. Not so sketchy now, huh?

The Feasting Room

The Feasting Room
The Feasting Room is another spot that serves up creative meals and nothing goes to waste here. Feel like red meat? Great, be prepared to eat parts of the cow you didn’t even know existed. Each week a new six-course menu rolls out focusing on one animal, and the animal featured for the night is a mystery until you’re at the table.


Little Italy
They do it all at Woodlot -- from hearty classic comfort food to veggie cuisine -- using fresh and local ingredients whenever possible. Try the Wood Fired Tourtiere, with pork, beef, venison, maple thyme, and house-made ketchup. It's certainly generated a ton of buzz since opening, but this spot could & should reach so much higher. 

The Guild Restaurant

The Guild
Dufferin Grove
The Guild seems like most brunch spots at first, serving bacon and eggs and the like, but everything comes with a little extra flair (the bacon and eggs? Has sous vide poached eggs). It’s a beautiful space with a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere and at less than a year old, it’s popularity is still growing and deservedly so. Try the pickled asparagus wrapped in ham and the fish croquette.

Maialino Enoteca Italiana

Maialino Enoteca
A small spot tucked away, Maialino will impress you with a few things. Firstly, the wine list is extensive, with at least 10 different reds to try by the glass. Secondly, the menu, while frequently updated, is always exciting and creative. Completely recommend is the Porchetta Fatta in Casa, slow-cooked pork roast with roasted garlic, rosemary potato wedges, and seasonal veggies.

Sam Riches

Sky Blue Sky Sandwich Company
One of the best sandwich stops in the city and deserving of so much more love, Sky Blue Sky serves 30 (!) signature sandos, with most tallying around $5. The king of them, though, is the “I’m the man who loves you,” -- smoked chicken topped with tomato, pickles, lettuce, ricotta cheese, chile cilantro, and a red pepper spread.

Flickr user spDuchamp

Swatow Restaurant
Another nondescript place, Swatow unfairly seems to blend in with the surrounding restos in Chinatown but its huge menu, massive portions, affordable prices, and the fact that it never seems to be closed, separate it from the rest of the pack. Try the Shrimp Dumpling Soup and Garlic Pork and do it at 1 in the morning, just because you can.

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1. The Guild 1442 Dundas St W, Toronto, M6J 1Y6 (Dufferin Grove)

This Dundas St W resto grows in popularity every day, offering a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in which you can enjoy an amazing brunch or any other meal for that matter.

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2. The Depanneur 1033a College St, Toronto, M6H 1A8 (Little Italy)

This untraditional eatery mainly does drop-in dinners (which feature some of the city's best chefs) in which a rotating list of chefs cook different meals on different days, which usually range from $10-$15.

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3. Atlantic Restaurant‎ 1597-A Dundas St W, Toronto, M6K1T9

This unassuming looking resto gets 100x better once you step inside and order from their adventurous and always-changing menu. Try the spiced quail stuffed with figs, for example.

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4. The Feasting Room 580 College St, Toronto, M6G 1B3

This unique Palmerston spot rolls out a new six-course menu each week, focusing on one particular animal. If you're a risk taker, you'll definitely enjoy the fact that you won't know what that animal is until you're sitting at the table.

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5. Woodlot 293 Palmerston Ave, Toronto, M6J 2J3 (Little Italy)

Stop in at this Little Italy establishment to enjoy a cozy atmosphere and hearty classic comfort food, which is usually cooked up with locally sourced ingredients.

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6. Maialino Enoteca 1688 Queen St W, Toronto, M6R 1B3 (Parkdale)

This Queen St W Italian resto has an extensive wine list and a frequently updated menu that always features something fresh and creative, such as their slow-cooked pork roast with roasted garlic and rosemary potato wedges.

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7. Sky Blue Sky Sandwich Company 605 Bloor St W, Toronto, M6G 1K6 (Koreatown)

One of the most renowned sandwich shops in the city, SBS serves up 30 signature sammies, all of which hover around the $5.

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8. Swatow Restaurant 309 Spadina Ave, Toronto, M5T 2E6 (Chinatown)

This Chinese resto may be a bit nondescript, it features a gigantic menu filled with affordable options that come in massive portions. When it comes to Chinese food, that's a combo that can't be beat.