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12 Chefs Name Their Favorite DC Sandwiches

Published On 08/05/2015 Published On 08/05/2015
Laura Hayes/Thrillist (edited)
Laura Hayes/Thrillist
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Laura Hayes/Thrillist
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1. Bub and Pop's 1815 M St NW, Washington, DC 20036

This charming mom & pop shop in Dupont Circle has a whole host of hearty hoagies at their disposal, like their traditional Italian, roast pork, or our favorite, Pop's Beef Brisket, with apple-horseradish cream, five-year-aged Gouda, and veal jus.

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2. DGS Delicatessen 1317 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

DGS Delicatessen takes the idea from your old Jewish grandmother's kitchen and elevates it with a modern and creative spin that gives this authentic deli-bar new flavor and energy with a homestyle base. Styled after the turn-of-the-century grocery stores, DGS Delicatessen house cures and smokes their all meats and fish as well as crafts their own duck fat matzo balls.

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3. Buffalo & Bergen 1309 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Located inside of DC's Union Market, this diner-style spot is specializes in New York-style bagels and everything you can put in-between them. Every kind of bagel imaginable serves as your base for a breakfast or lunch sandwich that you can customize with a selection of meats and flavored cream cheeses. Or you can go for a signature style like the Foxy Loxy (self-explanatory) or something a little more daring like The Bandito with carnitas-style pulled pork and pickled peppers.

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4. G by Mike Isabella 2201 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Mike Isabella's grab 'n go sandwich shop "G" is doing up jaw-dropping meaty hoagies with most of the meat spit roasted next door at Kapnos.

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5. Stachowski Market and Deli 1425 28th St NW , Washington, DC , DC 20007

A farmer's market vet now has the meatiest corner store of them all, with a pig chalkboard displaying daily sandwiches, and deli cases rocking gourmet options like chicken bratwurst (w/ a cider-soaked apple/ sage/ nutmeg), port- & juniper-spiced duck, and a bay leaf/ toasted oats pork they're calling "Banger, English style", so you'll want to eat it with the lights off, try not to move around too much, and wish each other well afterward with a firm handshake.

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6. Breadsoda 2233 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

Breadsoda is a dimly lit, retro, wood-paneled billiards hall that serves a huge list of sandwiches and beer and hosts a fierce ping pong competition on Tuesday nights. Whether you favor a game of pool or skipping the rental fees in favor of darts or one of the many board games like risk, trivial pursuit, and connect 4, checkout the 50 plus beers (12 on tap) that range from domestic to craft. As far as food goes, the sandwiches are hearty and diverse: The Breadsoda comes with turkey, swiss, mustard, tomato, and coleslaw on pumpernickle, the Reuben is a familiar favorite with salty corned beef and sweet Russian dressing, and the BBQ is piled with chipotle pulled pork on a juice-soaked potato bun.

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7. Meats & Foods 247 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

Meats & Foods, from the people behind 13th St Meats, functions as a retail shop and restaurant combination on Florida Ave. On offer are a variety of handmade sausages, chili, soups, and, of course, sandwiches like the lemon-basil chicken sandwich, garlic pork sandwich, and roasted poblano sandwich in an intimate setting that’s enclosed by white tiled walls and lit by incandescent bulbs. Choose to eat at one of the coveted stools in the window, or take your food to go for home grilling.

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8. MGM Roast Beef 905 Brentwood Road NE, Washington, DC 20018

Whether you're on the go with only time for a breakfast sammie or you want to tackle one of their hand-carved sandwiches topped with cranberry chutney, you can't go wrong with MGM.