Japanese noodles in Chinatown

Don't bring your uptight cotillion instructor to Daikaya's Ramen Shop, whose chef asserts that not only is it acceptable to slurp your noodle soup in Japanese culture, it's also highly encouraged. On the first floor of what will eventually be a multi-level emporium of Japanese flavors, the 40-seat broth house's hanging bulbs bounce light off all-oak seating and tables perfect for enjoying:Ramen's done one of four ways: miso, shio, shoyu, and this, vegan, piled with all sorts of bean sprouts, carrots, onions, and mushrooms.Pork Gyoza: The Other White... Gyoza.And here's the ever popular shoyu, a soy broth made with pork, beef, & chicken stock, 1/2 nitamago (soy marinated egg), nori, scallions, and sliced roast pork called "chashu", which your cotillion instructor will insist you follow with "God bless you".