Food & Drink

Barracks Row has Persian food. <em>Served in chalices!</em>

Tash: it's the Persian word for flame. It's the Iranian cousin of that Comedy Central guy whose his clips are all redacted by the regime. And now, it's a Barracks Row Mediterranean restaurant spitting out delicious morsels from a wood-burning brick oven & a giant open-flame charcoal grill.These single-bone wings are marinated in cilantro & lime and served in a silver chalice approximately the size of Fat Joe's crunk cup.Grilled eggplant medallions separate chunks of spicy lamb kubideh that's been seasoned with peppercorns & parsley and "hand-chopped". No corner-cutting foot-chopping in this place!You'll have a burning desire to sit at the firewood bar with brews like Starr Hill and Allagash, plus 12 cocktails like the extremely manly Champagne/ Alize/ fruit puree "Passion & Pagne", or the two most common feelings experienced by anyone watching/featured on Tosh.0.