Food & Drink

Three floors of vodka and caviar in Dupont

According to a Slavic legend, Mari Vanna was a warm-hearted grandmother known to welcome in hungry travelers for a meal. But who really believes anything Vlade Divac says anyway? Instead, experience her for yourself by chowing down on authentic Russian vittles in what looks like Moscow's version of Antiques Roadshow: dangling chandeliers, plush armchairs, and Russian tchotchkes

Filet mignon strips in a creamy sauce, buckwheat kasha, and roasted onion make up this Beef Stroganoff, which cannot be replaced with jerked chicken, you child

They select only the briar patch's most adorable young rabbits to stew in sour cream and serve with warm carrot pie

This traditional "Salo plate" features an assortment of salt-cured pork fatback with onion, garlic, Russian mustard, and rye toast, as crackers aren't a thing in Russia, because they hate Putin on the Ritz

Throw on your most stylish ushanka ( if any ushanka isn't stylish!), and head upstairs to the cocktail lounge, where over 70 varieties of house-infused vodka anchor signature drinks

Behold: The Grusha, with house-infused pear vodka, St Germain, pear puree, and a splash of champagne in an "old fashioned" glass, or what Vlade calls his sick bank shot

Photo by Travis Vaughn Photography