Food & Drink

Eat steak around the fireplace on King Street

After it won a BAFTA award and was nominated for the Alexander Korda Award for Outstanding British Film of the Year, you probably thought Notting Hill couldn't climb any higher. Well, this white table-clother in Old Town is about to prove you wrong with copious stone-work, a garden patio, and a French-inspired menu more charming than five of Hugh's adorable shrugs combined.You'll think you've stepped into a time machine thanks to all that dark wood and Gilded Age-y font! Also, the booze. Two Hearted Ale & Special Double Cream Stout from Bell's are on draft, and then there's like 13 bottles.It's plated on nice china, so take care when cutting into this cast iron-seared rib eye w/ roasted salsify, herb butter, and a squash called Blue Hubbard, also how he would've felt after watching The Master.Crayfish, sweet peppers, and parsnips under a filet of Alaskan halibut? You betcha! Don'tcha know! Etc!This juicy New York strip's served with white asparagus, pickled peppers, and green peppercorns. Eat it, and prepare to climb no higher than out of your seat and back home to the couch.