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Sushi and Thai in Ballston

Indigenous to the tropical paradise that is Hanover, Maryland, the Red Parrot has thankfully migrated south to Ballston, and eschews pirate boats for those little ones you're served spicy tuna rolls on.Start things off with roasted duck in a steamed warm bun that's never even tried Tae Bo, meaning it's super soft.The nigiri and sashimi lists are pretty extensive, but these cuts of tai (red snapper) and saba (mackerel) are a good place to start.Or take a peek at the 25+ signature rolls, like this Special Wasabi Roll, which makes up for not having the words "dynamite" or "dragon" in the title by stocking shloads of avocado, tobiko, tuna, and salmon.And don't be fooled by the totally authentic Japanese hanging lanterns and totally authentic fact that you're in Ballston: they'll sort of just serve anything that's vaguely Southeast Asian, including this chicken Pad Thai.