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The 15 very best uses of bacon in and around DC

Best Bacon Uses DC
Laura Hayes

Ah, bacon -- the candy of the meat family! We’ve rounded up the best of the best uses (and there are many) of this king of pork products, starting with breakfast and moving all the way through dessert. Bacon makes any dish better, so if we missed any of your faves, share them in the comments as you find yourself wishing this was a scratch-and-sniff story.

Pop Tart Best Bacon Uses DC
Laura Hayes

Peanut Butter Bacon Pop-Tart

Ted’s Bulletin (address and info)
14th Street 
Strawberry Pop-Tarts are cool and all, because they tend to catch fire, but peanut butter bacon is definitely the pinnacle of Pop-Tart flavors. Sorry Kellogg's! If the King of Rock and Roll were still alive, he’d start every day with two of these. Maybe with some banana sandwiched in between. Hmm... ideas!

Best Bacon Uses DC
Laura Hayes

The Patriot

Red Apron Butcher (address and info)
Penn Quarter
Entrusting the meat masterminds behind Red Apron with your breakfast order is a strong move. Nathan Anda and Ed Witt created The Patriot -- a bacon, egg, and cheese housed inside the restaurant’s Italian-style specialty bread called a tigelle. A brush of maple butter makes it even better. Get one Mon-Fri 7:30-10:30am and weekends from 9am-2pm.

Yuengling Bacon Bloody Mary Best Bacon Uses DC
Laura Hayes

Yuengling Bacon Bloody Mary

Cafe Deluxe (address and info)
West End
This place is so new you can still smell the paint. And bacon. You can smell bacon. Be one of the first to try their Bloody made with top-secret Bloody Mary mix, a splash of beer from the country’s oldest brewery, vodka, and olives stuffed with blue cheese and applewood-smoked bacon. Stir it up with an actual piece of bacon.

Bacon & Onion Flammekueche Best Bacon Uses DC
Laura Hayes

Bacon & Onion Flammekueche

Mintwood Place (address and info)
Adams Morgan
While it sounds like some kind of cousin to a post-sneeze gesundheit, a flammekueche is actually an Alsatian word for a thinly rolled tart that’s been kissed by flames. Mintwood Place Chef Cedric Maupillier tops his with sweet and tangy bacon and onion. It’s thin enough to eat two, and you can order it at dinner or brunch. Or TWO of them at dinner and brunch

Bruno’s Big Kid Best Bacon Uses DC
Laura Hayes

Bruno’s Big Kid

Sona Creamery and Wine Bar (address and info)
Eastern Market
You should already be crushing on Sona’s mac and cheese-stuffed sandwich. But, once homemade bacon jam enters the picture, it goes to a whole different level. Take your knife and carefully spread this meat marmalade on the top of each sandwich half and get ready for a bite of the most nap-inducing sandwich of your life.

Bacon Lollis Best Bacon Uses DC
Founding Farmers

Bacon Lollis

Founding Farmers (address and info)
Foggy Bottom/Potomac, MD
If a stranger offers you a bacon lolli, screw what your parents taught you and say yes. Definitely say yes. Cinnamon brown sugar-glazed thick-cut bacon on a stick is the world’s most perfect snack. Try them at lunch or dinner at both Founding Farmers locations. Bonus: there’s a hell of a lot more bacon on the menu.

Bacon-Wrapped Peaches Best Bacon Uses DC
Laura Hayes

Bacon-Wrapped Peaches

The Pig (address and info)
14th Street
Devils on Horseback, the quintessential ‘70s party food, just got a Summer makeover. Instead of dates, The Pig serves bacon-wrapped peaches. They’re drizzled with Rogue's smokey blue cheese, chili-infused maple syrup, and a sprinkle of pistachios. They come three to an order, so place 10+ orders. Trust us.

PorKorn Best Bacon Uses DC
Bayou Bakery


Bayou Bakery (address and info)
Arlington, VA (Courthouse)
You’re going to want to sneak this bag of happiness into the movies via your girlfriend’s oversized purse. See, that purse DOES come in handy. PorKorn is a creation of David Guas, the Baron of the Bayou. He takes sticky caramel popcorn and stirs in bits of bacon and peanuts, all for your snacking pleasure.

Cuban Sandwich Best Bacon Uses DC
Laura Hayes

Cuban Sandwich

Epic Smokehouse (address and info)
Pentagon City
Sure, Cuban sandwich recipes have always contained a lot of pork -- typically of the ham and roasted varieties. But Epic Smokehouse triples up by adding some smoky bacon into the mix, joining pulled pork, grilled ham, smoked cheese, whole grain mustard, and sliced pickles between two slices of pressed bread. You'll vow never to suffer through a bacon-free Cuban again.

Poutine Tots Best Bacon Uses DC
Laura Hayes

Poutine Tots

GCDC (address and info)
Foggy Bottom
This is the kind of dish an inmate would request for his last meal (a food-savvy inmate, anyway). Flying saucer-shaped tots are topped Canadian-style with cheese curds and gravy, plus generous helpings of bacon and mushrooms. It’s a bowl of everything you ever wanted. Which is why it has bacon.

CEBLT Po-Boy Best Bacon Uses DC
Scott Suchman


Pearl Dive Oyster Palace (address and info)
14th Street
This list wouldn’t be complete without a BLT. Pearl Dive’s version of this classic requires a knife and fork though, because they throw in C for fried catfish and E for egg. Even with all that going on, the Benton’s bacon remains the star of the show.

Wild Mushroom Mussels Best Bacon Uses DC
Brasserie Beck

Wild Mushroom Mussels

Brasserie Beck (address and info)
Mt. Vernon Square
The "Wild Mushroom" variety of black bivalves at Brasserie Beck unites applewood-smoked bacon and truffle cream in a quest to teach your tongue what perfection tastes like. You’re going to need an order of frites or two to soak up the chowdery goodness at the bottom of the pot.

Sweetbreads and Waffles Best Bacon Uses DC
Laura Hayes

Sweetbreads and Waffles

Vidalia (address and info)
Golden Triangle
Vidalia’s chicken-fried veal sweetbreads sitting atop a waffle with bacon fondue and a lemon caper veal jus is so good you’ll forget you’re eating thyroid. The bacon fondue is almost like a Campbell’s cream of bacon soup, if there were such a thing. There SHOULD be such a thing.

Bacon Bourbon Float Best Bacon Uses DC
Laura Hayes

Bacon Bourbon Float

The Diner (address and info)
Adams Morgan
Shake things up at The Diner by ordering a root beer float spiked with Jim Beam and topped with bacon crumbles. Maybe all vanilla ice cream should be flecked with bacon? Maybe whiskey and bacon are a match made in heaven? These are the kinds of questions you should be asking as you suck down this shake.

Boozy Breakfast Cupcake Best Bacon Uses DC
Laura Hayes

Boozy Breakfast Cupcake

Crunkcakes (address and info)
This 21+ treat contains about a shot of liquor and a whole lot of bacon. The "Boozy Breakfast" Crunkcakes creation is a bacon cupcake infused with Cabin Fever Maple Whiskey and topped with a buttercream frosting chock-full of the same whiskey. Win just about any dinner party by showing up with these. Pick them up at Black Market located on the first floor of Black Whiskey Wed-Thur 2-9pm and Fri-Sun 12-9pm.

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