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1. Woodberry Kitchen 2010 Clipper Park Rd, Baltimore, MD 21211 (Baltimore)

At Woodberry Kitchen, farm-to-fork means cuisine that is curated, specifically, to Maryland's seasonal agricultural offerings. In the warmer months, the restaurant serves whole, baked Pink Lady apples, and flanks of black bass with salt clams, while the winter menu boasts wood-roasted lamb sausage with root vegetables, and marinated squash with wheatberries and cabbage. At any given time, Woodberry sources only the best of what local Chesapeake growers have to offer, basing their menu around the freshest ingredients available to them. The space itself is built of exposed red brick and heavy wooden communal tables, with chopped logs stacked against the walls. The bar is central, and the open kitchen offers an unobstructed view of the chefs, dancing around the wood-fired oven. The patio is decked with string lights, the cocktail program is whiskey-forward, and the food is incomparably fresh.

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2. Huong Viet 6785 Wilson Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22044 (Falls Church)

Set in the Eden Center, Huong Viet is a great spot to dare to order something other than pho, like one of their many bún (vermicelli noodle) dishes topped with smoky grilled meat and golden fried Spring rolls.

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3. Jackson 20 480 King Street , Alexandria, VA 22314 (Old Town)

Fuel up for a romantic King St stroll by first hitting J20's sidewalk seating for a 64oz pitcher of Port City Optimal Wit or Porter, and/or a 32oz pitcher of cane rum, peach schnapps, bourbon, assorted fruit, and a Cabernet float. If you're looking to coat your stomach as well, you'll never go wrong with their chile-lime cracklins or three-day ribs.

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4. Urban Butcher 8226 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910 (Silver Spring)

With an in-house butcher and meat cellar, this place is serving up some delicious charcuteries, pig tails, ox brisket, and pork ribs. Every night at 8p they carve a suckling pig, so make sure you're not late! Allied: After daydreaming about how you could make your own meat cellar, hit up the Stateline Market at 7817 Eastern Ave and grab some Smith & Forge, the hard cider that's built strong -- built from Apples and built to Refresh.

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5. Pizzeria Orso 400 South Maple Ave, Falls Church, VA 22046 (Falls Church)

After cutting pies/his teeth at prolific parlors like Red Rocks, Pizza Paradiso, and 2 Amy's, "the best pizza guy on the East Coast" according to... some author... is now serving up authentic Neapolitan pies out of a tangerine-walled diner sporting star-shaped chandeliers, and a huge painted-tile mural of a bear chowing down on a pizza, hopefully not on all-you-can-eat night.

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6. Maple Ave Restaurant 147 Maple Ave W, Vienna, VA 22180

Fancy, charming, French and Asian cuisine with the likes of roasted bone marrow and scallops topped with melting basil ice cream await you at Maple Ave.

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7. A & J Restaurant 1319 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

Hiding in the suburbs is this haven for authentic Chinese food -- A & J is a great spot to go if you are into house-made spicy sesame peanut noodles, scallion pancakes, spicy wontons with hot red sauce, and Szechuan-style spicy beef noodle soup.

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8. Wit & Wisdom 200 International Dr, Baltimore, MD 21202 (Baltimore)

Don't be fooled by the location inside the Four Seasons, you can still wrap your paws around comfort food treats like the Bourbon Steak Burger, which comes with a foie gras slider, because you've earned it.

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9. 2941 Restaurant 2941 Fairview Park Dr, Falls Church, VA 22042 (Falls Church)

With charming surroundings full of gardens and koi ponds, plus eats like a duck- and foie gras-loaded burger from a chef who cooked alongside Daniel Boulud, 2941 Restaurant is going to cast a spell on you, and you're going to like it.

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10. Taco Bamba 2190 Pimmit Dr, Falls Church, VA 22043 (Falls Church)

Check out Taco Bamba in Falls Church, VA for Victor Albisu’s take on Mexican street food, which includes adventurous tacos like El Beso, with crispy pork and beef tongue, along with staples like carne asada, barbacoa, and carnitas.

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11. Jimmy Cantler's Riverside Inn 458 Forest Beach Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401

Seafood lovers will have a hard time staying away, with live crabs flowing in on a daily basis and a strong selection of steamed and raw seafood including clams, jumbo shrimp, and mussels, plus stone and snow crab legs.



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