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Ninnella is where you should take a second date who lives near Lincoln Park, and you should hope she mirrors the restaurant itself: not too fancy, but certainly not sloppy, with a bit of exotic flair, but not so much that she uses words you don't understand. Also, she's not going to force you out if you want to just linger inside for a while

The quaint little Italiano is run by a 15yr restaurant vet originally hailing from Friuli, Italy, so you know this octopus carpaccio is fresh. Shovel it with at least two of your best arms

Nod in agreement while she calls touches like a fireplace stove, tiny cedar bar, and downstairs wine cellar dining room "cute" -- this sea food tagliolini will come out soon, and she'll then be occupied with rock shrimp, handmade pasta, and a cherry tomato confit

By the time this red snapper with fava beans is served, you will have already secured a third date, or at least have secured a new go-to for your next second date.