Cheez Whiz & beef rib eye on H St

Philly fans might outnumber Nats fans, but by next Summer they'll no longer outweigh them, thanks to Steak & Ice, a cheesesteak-ery from the Taylor boys. The house of melty, gooey goodness on H Street looks like, well... A street: graffiti, manhole covers, street lights, and a subway tiled counter that's open 'till 3a on the weekends.Give into the garlic/ green chile "sexy sloppy joe", piled on fries covered in housemade white wiz, which presumably came into being after battling a Balrog, back when it was housemade gray wiz.Be proud to stuff your mouth with Taylor's Balls, a deep-fried threesome of cheddar/ Monterey Jack/ Swiss that gets hit with Dijon horseradish sauce. Here she is: a cheesesteak with "real deal" beef rib-eye, grilled pepperoni, white wiz, and Spanish onions.Or go for one with garlicky spinach and provolone. Or one of the five other cheesesteak takes (...cheese-takes?).Oh right, and the whole "ice" part of the name comes these Italian shaves, available in rotating flavors like strawberry & banana, mango, and -- marking the first time Philly has given us one since Donovan McNabb -- lemon.