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Cap City's 5 most incredible melty sandwiches

Published On 04/25/2013 Published On 04/25/2013
Luke's Grilled Cheese in Washington DC

April was National Grilled Cheese Month. And if you're asking, "Who the hell said that April was going to be 'National Grilled Cheese Month'?", you're wasting precious time that could be spend eating DC's best grilled cheeses, laid out below

Luke's Lobster's Lobster Grilled Cheese 624 E St NW; Penn Quarter; 202.347.3355 The crustacean kings over at Luke's have taken Maine's best, coated it with Gruyere, and slapped it between two pieces of buttered-up white bread. Peep Luke's homepage for more lobster goodness
Big Bear's Grilled Cheese and Roasted Apple 1700 1st St NW; Bloomingdale; 202.643.9222 Prepare for the coffee shop's customers to explode out of their totally hip skinny jeans, because this sandwich rocks thick French white bread with aged cheddar, and turns things up a notch with a shot of Sriracha.
Big Bear's big site has all the 411. (Er, menus.)
The Big Cheese Truck's Thrilled Cheese
Check out their site for locations You'll need a stronger chassis after trying out all six of this truck's oozers, including the best named for obvious reasons Thrilled Cheese w/ chipotle cheddar, jalapeño, and guacamole on sourdough. Truck on over to their full lineup here
Churchkey's Grilled Cheese 1337 14th St NW; Logan Circle; 202.567.2576 The renowned beer bar is just as thoughtful with their cheese curation, mixing Fontina with a bit of truffle oil, which is served on ciabatta alongside tomato soup dipping sauce.
Run this link for CKDC's full menus
Ripple's Make Your Own Grilled Cheese 3417 Connecticut Ave NW; Cleveland Park; 202.244.7995 Point those sausage-like fingers at whatever you want, and they'll whip you up a sandwich pulling from a bank of 12 cheeses (from chèvre to Taleggio), three different breads (from brioche to ciabatta), and extras like prosciutto and bacon. They only ask that you "not make it gross, and please stop at 2 cheeses".
You know you want more. Find it here.

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1. Big Bear 1700 1st St NW, Washington, DC 20001

This coffee shop also serves a killer grilled cheese: A sando rocking thick French white bread with aged cheddar, turned up a notch with a shot of Sriracha.

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2. Luke's Lobster 624 E St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Luke's hearty menu includes Maine seasonals like Peak Organic Winter & Shipyard Prelude to wash down "celebratory winter options" like a gruyere-coated lobster grilled cheese -- just make sure your mom doesn't cut off your crustaceans when cutting off your crust.

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3. ChurchKey 1337 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005 (Logan Circle)

With 55 draft lines and 500-plus bottles that all manage to deliver on quality, ChurchKey is a chic Logan Circle destination for DC's die-hard beer fans. In addition to the meticulously curated lineup of domestic brews and collabs one would expect from a top-flight beer bar, this stylish spot above sister restaurant Birch & Barley has its finger on the pulse of what’s happening craft-wise overseas, too, allowing you to one-up your friends by saying things like, “I’ve really been impressed by what’s happening in Estonia’s beer scene lately” with complete seriousness. The food menu is loaded with plenty of hearty bites like tater tots, burgers, and flatbreads to soak up all those suds.

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4. Ripple 3417 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008 (Cleveland Park)

Boasting a linen-lined, curtained rear dining room and a 40ft tiled bar backed by huge mirrors and flower-patterned lightboxes up front, Ripple's a casually airy, beige-walled winer n' diner.



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