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Metro Center gets clogged in the best ways possible

Published On 03/20/2013 Published On 03/20/2013

Astro's the creation of two childhood friends who were rewarded with doughnuts when they played well in youth hockey, which apparently worked quite well, because one went on to become a Caps player named Jeff Halpern, and both went on to become the owners of a doughnut and fried chicken shop. Order at the counter and the downstairs kitchen will dumbwaiter up

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Get it made according to the chef's grandma's recipe, or double-fried Korean-style, spicy garlic-glazed or Sriracha-coated, aka according to some other, more Asian chef's grandma's recipe. Or live fat/die young by getting it as a BLT with cheddar, Benton’s bacon, and Sriracha mayo on a chive doughnut. Doughnuts switch around every day (there's about 30 total flavors), but expect

Maple Bacon and Brooklyn Blackout, Everyday The oinker is loaded with Benton's, while the BB combines Devil's food cake & cookie crumb

Creamsicle and Saigon Cinnamon on Tuesdays Start your week with the blood orange-glazed C-sicle, or a doughnut that'd make you shout, "Good morning Vietnam!", if, you know, your mouth wasn't so full of doughnut

Black & White and Gianduia on Thursdays Chocolate dough & white ganache will make you totally forget that cookie, while the Gianduia gets chocolate custard and a hazelnut glaze. Hopefully you have enough teeth left after your days in youth hockey to eat these things.