Kinkead brings Italian to the Watergate

Chef Bob Kinkead has taken over the old Rivers space at the Watergate, where he hopes that the only quote coming from diners will be: "I am not a cook... but this is delicious!". It's mainly a pre- and post-Kennedy Center spot, but a raw bar, salumi station, 80-seat patio, and steam-heated table-side carving carts make it a good call anytime you happen to be in the neighborhood

This bourbon/ Campari/ vermouth Boulevardier, may have a French name, but like every 'tail on the eight-drink list, it has an Italian ingredient

Primi include this housemade pasta with clams, parsley, garlic, and Verdicchio

Classy lunch includes this lemon brioche-crusted flounder, perfect for the guy who just drank a bunch of Italian cocktails, and now sports both googly eyes on the same side of his head

Served table-side and fit for as many as eight people, the veal shin is carved before your very eyes and served with fried artichokes. Like many things Nixon said, it's best taken with a grain of salt.