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Vote for John Critchley's "A5" steak/foie gras dog in our Search for the Most America-est Hot Dog

A5 dog

You know what's American? Eating steak. You know what else is American? Eating hot dogs. Well, what if we told you that Bourbon Steak's John Critchley made a hot dog using steak for our Search for the Most America-est Hot Dog, and it's your duty as an American citizen to vote for it? But, first, you should probably check out exactly what else he put in this ridiculous creation.

Ultimate America Meats

This two-hander is a mixture of Bourbon Steak's Japanese A5 wagyu beef and lean beef shoulder, emulsified together with just your average foie gras trimmings and stuffed into casings.

Ultimate America Grill

Call Paul Wall, because it's time to get grillin'.

Ultimate America Mustard

He adds a bit of housemade brown mustard to the top and bottom of the dogs & toasted buns, which get painted with plenty of butter. Please feel free to make your own Paula Deen joke here.

Ultimate America Relish

Next up is the smoked onion & cucumber relish that they make in house.

Ultimate America Mircogreens

Finish it off with a few microgreens, right before you finish it off.

Ultimate America Cut

And there you have it: John Critchley's all-American "A5 Dog". Like America, it, too, is a melting pot of cultures, all brought together just for you. And if you want to see what the other 15 chefs competing for the title are making, you can check them out here. Just make sure you vote for this one.