Food & Drink

Monstrous, spit-roasted Latin street-food

The exterior at Chupacabra Taqueria

The rumors of a Chupacabra sighting off H Street have been confirmed. Mostly by people stuffing themselves with spit-roasted meat and sunning themselves at the inviting picnic tables of this cool spot, Chupacabra.

Chupacabra Al Pastor

Is this not the grandest pile of meat you've seen all day?! The slow spit-roasted pork's been marinated in guajillo chillies & pineapple. Just order the al pastor anything and walk away.

Chupacabra Chicharrones

Chicharrones come w/ fried yucca, habanero salsa, and crispy pork medallions, so after eating them, even the slowest and most gluttonous can feel like winners.

Chupacabra Shrimp Cocktail

While they're waiting on the liquor license, dig into this shrimp cocktail w/ mango & avocado gazpacho.

Chupacabra Arepas

Arepas are part barbacoa (shredded beef w/ an Argentinian Malbec), part queso fresco, and part South American corn cake, so y'all, they're a-maizeing.

Chupacabra Cuban

And finally: herb-roasted pork, pickles, baby Swiss, and honey ham are packed into a sandwich that'll even have the H Street vegans licking their chops.