Tuscany comes to Logan Circle, brings a 3.3lb porterhouse

Ghibellina Interior

What's an "Italian gastropub", you ask? Well, according to the owners of Acqua Al 2, it's Ghibellina: their Tuscan mangiare-chamber built with dark metallic accents and giant wooden beams to better support you after consuming a 1.5kg steak (technically for two, but who cares), wood-fired pizza, and 20oz Italian drafts. So, just expect to do a lot of talking with your hands during dinner

Like really everyone, this ribollita vegetable soup has been "slightly thickened with bread"

The tortelli de patate al ragu keeps it stupid simple. And stupid delicious, if that's even a thing

The place is named after a street the owners lived on in Florence (hint: it's Ghibellina Street), and they keep things similarly authentic with seven Neapolitan style pies made by a trained pizzaiolo and covered with toppings like Calabrian chilies, Finochiona, and mozzarella di Bufala

The six drafts get all Boot-y (Via Emilia, Moretti), and come in a 10 or 20oz glass at one of the two marble hightop bars. If you need something stronger though, an equally sized cocktail list includes this Via Garibaldi with egg whites, lime, and current bartender-shot-of-choice Fernet Branca -- so good the only thing you'll ask now is "for seconds".

Ghibellina Soup
Ghibellina Pasta
Ghibellina Pizza
Ghibellina Drink