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European seafood moored in Penn Quarter

Azur interior

An "ode to the sea", Azur sees the Table chef filling all four levels of the old Café Atlantico space with captain’s mirrors, raw bars, nautical-inspired furniture, and a mesmerizing, multi-floor, 60-globe chandelier evoking "underwater air bubbles", despite actually being more likely to take your breath away.These hand-harvested sea scallops with pine nut purée, grapefruit, and red quinoa? They were prepared by Chef Frederik De Pue, who honed his craft at a Michelin-starred Sea Grill restaurant in Belgium.Moules frites come steeped in four varieties of broth like the pictured Belgian buttered leeks, Belgian ale, and Belgian normal parsley.Belly up at the six-seat raw bar for oysters, caviar, and house-cured salmon options they promise in their "most unadulterated form" (though isn't eating oysters supposed to lead to mad adulteration or something?).Prepared “en cocotte” (in broth), the Maine lobster can also be served in a bunch of flavors, from the coconut broth/ lemongrass/ Thai basil Bangkok, to the chorizo/ cilantro/ pasilla chili broth Veracruz. Just make sure you stop to breathe while digging in.Photos by Greg Powers

Azur sea scallops
Azur Moules frites
Azur Raw Bar
Azur Maine lobster