A 48oz behemoth of grilled Argentinian meat

Del Campo Interior

In Spanish, Del Campo means "from the countryside". In DC-ish, it means "a beautiful Penn Quarter tribute to Argentinian grilled meats, all served in an elegantly rustic space outfitted with smoked-oak floors, leather sling-back barstools, and hand-woven table runners. You should go get some wagyu sirloin there right now". Loosely translated

This Chivito sandwich layers said sirloin with ham, mortadella, provolone, and fried egg. This is what they call, in Buenos Aires, "the vegetarian option"

Provoleta's their country's go-to version of Provolone. It's been served in Argentina for about 40yrs, and here is griddled with herb salad, chilies, and country bread

You'll need to start training about three days in advance if you plan on facing off with this 48oz dry-aged Piedmont Ridge ribeye topped with chimichurri. Okay, it's actually for two, but by now, you're committed

Watch yourself looking swank in an oversized antique mirror above the bar as you ponder 16 cocktails, like the Papa Porteño with rum, bitters, and even (appropriately) grilled grapefruit, which ought to help get you as loose as even the most ridiculous translation

Photos by Greg Powers

Del Campo Chivito
Del Campo Provoleta
Del Campo Ribeye
Del Campo Bar