Bloomingdale gets grilled

Red Hen Interior

Feel free to jinx yourself constantly at The Red Hen, because there's very knock-able Nicaraguan hardwood like everywhere. Actually, basically the only non-deciduous thing at the Italian-American Bloomingdale spot is a stone hearth alongside a Grillworks custom wood-fired grill powered by both oak and hickory

As for knocking off hunger, start with this smoked trout crostini garnished with hard-boiled egg, aioli & roe

Despite being topped with pesto itself, this delicious gnocchi alla Romana makes all other gnocchi green with envy

With tomatoes, peperonata, roasted potatoes, and wild mushrooms, the wood-grilled hen is ready to get (hen) housed

And they've got a total of six 'tails on the menu, so start off with the gin/ ginger beer/ tonic/ bitters "Jaws 3 (Blood in the Water)", and feel free to use the line, "We're gonna need a bigger... liver".

Red Hen Crostini
Red Hen Gnocchi
Red Hen Wood Grilled Hen
Red Hen Jaws 3