Mike Isabella's spit-roasting whole animals on 14th St

Kapnos Main

Kapnos, which translates to "smoke", is Mike Isabella's ode to Northern Greece's smoking habits -- but before you go all TRUTH campaign on us, just know you'll be inhaling the sweet smell of charred & wood-fired meats while surrounded by drapes, cushions, and millwork panels, all creating an atmosphere reminiscent of mountain homes & gypsy caravans. Wait. Didn't you have your wallet a minute ago?

Kapnos Chef's

Fill your lungs with glorious smoke from the hickory-fired rotisserie grills while at the 10-seat chef’s table, where you'll also be able to watch Mike's team slice and serve whole animals, ranging from suckling pig, to baby goat, to lamb.

Kapnos Watermelon

The mezze menu -- Greek- and Mediterranean-influenced shareable plates -- is divided into spreads, raw, cold, garden, and ocean. This here is the cold watermelon (urfa chili/ rind/ fennel granite).

Kapnos Melitzanosalata

You'll enjoy eating the spread of melitzanosalata (smoky eggplant/ roasted peppers/ walnuts/ feta) a lot more than trying to order it out loud.

Kapnos Octopus

Succumb to the peer pressure of ordering this ocean mezzo -- charred octopus w/ grapefruit, fennel, and cucumber -- but just be warned: that adorable child tugging on your shirtsleeve is actually removing your watch.