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Uzbek bekons in Ballston

Rus Uz serves Russian and Uzebeki food that's way more creative than their name would suggest, as an exec chef who had stints at the German, Uzbeki, and French embassies helps you mess up his white table cloths with:Manti. An Uzbek classic. The huge steamed dumplings are jammed up with onions and your choice beef or lamb.The caviar tart has a cream cheese base with a hint of cilantro, and needs to be roe, roe, roe'd into your mouth immediately. The Russian blini are basically rolled pancakes done up either savory with ground beef, or semi-sweet with farmer's cheese.Smaller than the manti, the pelmeni is a thin dough dumpling filled with minced beef or lamb, and topped with vinegar or sour cream. Maybe the dude worked at the Mexican embassy too at some point?