The coolest bars and restaurants in town

Thrillist 47 Washington DC

It's time for a new edition (easy there, Bobby Brown) of the Thrillist 47, giving you the best new and new-ish places to eat and drink. Some had to go, while other hot spots could not be denied (welcome, Bearnaise!). Have a look at the list (organized by hood, this isn't a ranking) and make the most of your next night out.


Fiola Thrillist 47 Washington DC

1) Fiola
601 Penn Ave NW; 202.628.2888
Modeled after a modern Italian villa, Fiola's got a James Beard-winning chef who cooks up striped bass on a bed of crushed potatoes, veal chops w/ prosciutto & osso buco jus, and chitarra cacio e pepe done "Roman Style", meaning it'll flee to France after its noodle leads it into trouble.
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Daikaya Ramen Shop Thrillist 47 Washington DC

2) Daikaya Ramen Shop
705 6th St NW; 202.589.1600
Don't bring your uptight cotillion instructor to Daikaya's Ramen Shop, whose chef asserts that not only is it acceptable to slurp your noodle soup in Japanese culture, it's also highly encouraged.
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Thomas Foolery Thrillist 47 Washington DC

3) Thomas Foolery
2029 P St NW; 202.822.6200
At the '80s-themed game bar Thomas Foolery, you'll never hear, "Stop acting like a child!", "Grow up!", or "Why can't you be more like your successful, though very anti-social half-brother?" because, 1) your unapologetic stepmother won't be around, and 2) the place is filled w/ Mario Kart, old-school candy, and ridiculous party rules -- yes, one does involve doing "The Carlton" for a discount.
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Teddy and The Bully Bar Thrillist 47 Washington DC

4) Teddy & The Bully Bar
1200 19th St NW; 202.872.8700
Though no one will likely hear you if you talk quietly, and you'll likely get kicked out for carrying in a big stick, this doesn't mean that Teddy & The Bully Bar -- the second presidential-themed pub from the Lincoln folks -- isn't for Roughriders, especially considering all the animal heads, rifle lights, and wild game-heavy eats.
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DGS Delicatessen Thrillist 47 Washington DC

5) DGS Delicatessen
1317 Connecticut Ave NW; 202.293.4400
It's a shame that DGS Delicatessen's structural foundation prevents it from moving, because it really is the kind of whole package you could bring home to mom: Jewish eats (both inventive and traditional) paired with craft cocktails in what looks like a turn of the century grocery.
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Heist Thrillist 47 Washington DC

6) Heist
1802 Jefferson Place; 202.716.2055
Unlike with most DC clubs, going to Heist isn't highway robbery. It's some way classier form of robbery, as the place is decked out with gold jail bars, "artifacts" from "high-class art thefts", and surveillance footage from actual bank jobs. Also: beautiful women w/ unraveled bow ties and tuxedo get-ups pour you champagne & craft cocktails as you lounge on pin-cushion leather Chesterfield sofas.
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GBD Thrillist 47 Washington DC

7) GBD
1323 Connecticut Ave NW; 202.524.5210
GBD, or "Golden Brown Delicious", is really a misnomer, as their food is actually way sweeter than even Betty White and Rue McClanahan combined. That's thanks to the crew from Birch & Barley, who're frying birds & donuts in this skinny Dupont spot that's split into three sections: counter-service in the front, bar in the middle, and pin-cushion booth seating (lit by fryer baskets!) in the back.
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barmini Thrillist 47 Washington DC

8) barmini
855 E St NW; 202.393.4451
Given that it's a cocktail lab for all of Jose Andres's restaurants and projects, barmini is actually a pretty big deal. Also, their glassware -- modeled after the left breast of Marie Antoinette -- is quite the handful!
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Hill Country Barbecue Thrillist 47 Washington DC

9) Hill Country Barbecue
410 Seventh St NW; 202.556.2050
There's nothing to do after conquering New York but triumphantly return home, unless you're talking about the chick from VH1, as the majority of the dudes on that show are homeless. But for local BBQ that done did good in NYC, there's Hill Country.
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MXDC Thrillist 47 Washington DC

10) MXDC
600 14th St NW; 202.393.1900
"English was inspired by Mexico" is the type of statement that will send some 'Muricans into a furious, sign-wielding rage, but when they find out it's just celebrity chef and man-about-town Todd English being inspired by a trip to Mexico for his joint MXDC on 14th St downtown, they'll likely grumble a little, wiggle into a seat underneath a fancy copper chandelier, and shovel delicious tacos into their non-Spanish-speaking mouths.
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Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken Thrillist 47 Washington DC

11) Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken
1308 G St NW; 202.809.5565
Astro's the creation of two childhood friends who were rewarded with donuts when they played well in youth hockey, which apparently worked quite well, because one went on to become a Caps player named Jeff Halpern, and both went on to become the owners of a donut and fried chicken shop.
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The Hamilton Thrillist 47 Washington DC

12) The Hamilton
600 14th St NW; 202.787.1000
Prepare for Chris Christie to throw his enormous hat back in the race, because DC now has 24hr food in a space that can accommodate him, namely, 37000sqft of the old Garfinckel's department store.
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Lincoln Thrillist 47 Washington DC

13) Lincoln
1110 Vermont Ave NW; 202.386.9200
President Lincoln inspired so many things, but the most important was clearly the market-fresh goodness at this K St foodery, where the mussels come with Granny Smiths & fennel pollen, and the oysters gratinee come with cornbread crumbs.
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District Commons Thrillist 47 Washington DC

14) District Commons
2200 Pennsylvania Ave; 202.587.8277
Not content to just open a burger and shake joint, the guy behind Ceiba and DC Coast's got another newest venture: a "21st-century American tavern" that draws its new millennium-ism from giant halos of LED light, window-side freestanding banquettes, and a massive U-shaped bar w/ floor-to-ceiling glass cabinets housing 80 different bottles of beer.
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Farmers Fishers Bakers Thrillist 47 Washington DC

15) Farmers Fishers Bakers
3000 K St NW; 202.298.8783
North Dakota's actually got a few things going for it, like Fargo. And new-school rapper Wiz Khalifa. And old-school rapper Bismarck-ie, probably. For something much tastier than "Pickin Boogers", though, there's Farmers Fishers Bakers, who're sourcing goods from 42000 family farms across the country.
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Pearl Dive Oyster Palace and Black Jack Thrillist 47 Washington DC

16) Pearl Dive Oyster Palace and Black Jack
1612 14th St NW; 202.986.5225
People talk all the time about two great things going together, but those people clearly lack the imagination to consider three great things. Not so the group behind the seafood joint/cocktail den/bocce court triumvirate that is Pearl Dive Oyster Palace and Black Jack.
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Garden District Thrillist 47 Washington DC

17) Garden District
1801 14th Street, NW
This pork 'n beer stop's fronted by a picnic table-laden mini beer garden, and anchored by a small indoor bar pouring Bavarian liters to be paired with pulled pork, barbecued brisket, and sauerkraut-topped German brats.
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2 Birds 1 Stone

18) 2 Birds 1 Stone
1800 14th St NW
Drink with friends underneath Doi Moi on 14th St in a hidden 60-seat lounge w/ a wood bartop, custom leather booths, and four make-out-worthy alcoves, from which you can sip on choice cocktails from the Estadio and Proof crew.
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B-Too Thrillist Washington DC

19) B Too
1324 14th St NW; 202.627.2800
Feel bad that Belga Cafe's Chef Bart Vandaele didn't win Top Chef? Well don't, because he did get knighted (by both the Order of Leopold II and by the Museum of Belgian Brewers and the Brewers Guild of Belgium). And also, how dare you not address him as Sir Chef Bart?? Make up for it by hitting B Too, his bi-level ode to Flemish cuisine in Logan Circle. Outfitted in cowhides and animal statues, it'll allow you to become an animal with a selection of 150 Belgian beers.
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Black Whiskey Thrillist 47 Washington DC

20) Black Whiskey
1410 14th St NW; 202.682.3123
Black Whiskey's here to put some badassery back into 14th st, injecting it with two levels of weathered, rough 'n raw barrage that include savage cocktails, a huge whiskey selection, and an amazing meat carving station.
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Le Diplomate Thrillist 47 Washington DC

21) Le Diplomate
1610 14th St NW; 202.332.3333
Hold the Francophone! Actually, bring him to Le Diplomate, a stunner of a Parisian brasserie from award-winning Philly restaurateur Stephen Starr, who's filled his "homage to a French cafe" with pieces hawked from flea markets and farmhouses in France & Belgium.
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Izakaya Seki Thrillist 47 Washington DC

22) Izakaya Seki
1117 V St NW; 202.588.5841
Just because it's housed in an old barbershop doesn't mean Izakaya Seki's taking any shortcuts. Marked only by a red lantern they hang outside when open, they're turning out food from a 50yr vet chef (and his daughter) who preferred to move here from the Midwest rather than water down his country's flavors for a less adventurous clientele.
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Kapnos Thrillist 47 Washington DC

23) Kapnos
2201 14th St NW; 202.234.5000
Kapnos, which translates to "smoke", is Mike Isabella's ode to Northern Greece's smoking habits -- but before you go all TRUTH campaign on us, just know you'll be inhaling the sweet smell of charred and wood-fired meats while surrounded by drapes, cushions, and millwork panels, all creating an atmosphere reminiscent of mountain homes and gypsy caravans.
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The Brixton Thrillist 47 Washington DC

24) The Brixton
901 U St
It's quite possible that you already have a special relationship -- like, maybe even to the point where it's gotten weird -- with The Brixton, an English pub concept re-imagined and sexed up by the same Hilton crew behind Marvin, The Gibson, and Patty Boom Boom.
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Satellite Room Thrillist 47 Washington DC

25) Satellite Room
2047 9th St NW
After opening American Ice Company and Brixton around 9th & U, the Hilton brothers closed down the block with Satellite Room, the concrete-heavy diner-bar (dinar!) attached to the side of the 9:30 Club like beautiful groupies attached to the hips of musicians performing at said club.
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RANGE Thrillist 47 Washington DC

5335 Wisconsin Ave NW; 202.803.8020
Bryan Voltaggio's RANGE is so massive, you'd need one of those expensive British SUVs to drive around and see it all. What are those things called again? Anyways, get the kimchi linguini w/ uni, scallops, and nasturtium leaves.
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Civil Cigar Lounge Thrillist 47 Washington DC

27) Civil Cigar Lounge
5335 Wisconsin Ave NW; 202.364.0800
While the Civil Cigar Lounge may be tucked away in the pavilion known as Chevy Chase, this place isn't joking around. The 93-seat cigar lounge and retail shop is from the W. Curtis Draper gentlemen (3rd-oldest tobacconists in the US!), and dead serious about serving small plates from... Bryan Voltaggio's RANGE!
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Toki Underground Thrillist 47 Washington DC

28) Toki Underground
1234 H Street NE; 202.388.3086
DC's orignal ramen-ry does most of its bowls Tonkotsu-style, with 24hr-simmered pork bone broth turned into creations like the pork loin chashu, seasonal vegetables, sesame, and nori "Toki Hakata Classic".
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Taylor Charles Steak & Ice Thrillist 47 Washington DC

29) Taylor Charles Steak & Ice (NOW CLOSED)
1320 H St NE; 202.388.6880
Philly fans might outnumber Nats fans, but they no longer outweigh them, thanks to Steak & Ice: a house of melty, gooey goodness that's open 'til 3a on the weekends.
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H &pizza Thrillist 47 Washington DC

30) H &pizza
1118 H St NW; 202.733.1285
Little-known fact: the popular realtor's refrain "location, location, location" was originally followed by " only important as it pertains to proximity to pizza". So immediately sell your beachfront condos for whatever price, then respect the intelligence of the guys behind H &pizza.
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Bearnaise Thrillist 47 Washington DC

31) Bearnaise
315 Pennsylvania Ave SE; 202.450.4800
The steak frites spot from celeb chef Spike Mendelsohn is raising the fanciness quotient relative to his other joints with bone marrow and Brandy Smashes.
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Ambar Thrillist 47 Washington DC

32) Ambar
523 8th St SE; 202.813.3039
You probably think that Ambar is the stuff that preserved that mosquito that created the dinosaurs that ate Newman in Jurassic Park, but it's not. First, that stuff is spelled with an "e", and second, this Ambar is actually a Balkan-influenced eatery on Barracks Row from the Masa 14/El Centro D.F. crew.
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Rogue 24 Thrillist 47 Washington DC

33) Rogue 24
922 N Street NW; 202.408.9724
Inventively transformed by a James Beard winner, Rogue's a copper-floored former garage with an ultra-modern open kitchen that puts out both a 16-course “Progression” menu, and a 24-course “Journey”.
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Hogo Thrillist 47 Washington DC

34) Hogo

1017 7th St NW;
Hogo means "high taste", so it makes sense that the Brown bros' temple of tiki & upscale diner-food stays open until 230a. And when you're in the right mindset, it makes sense that it's decorated with a topless mermaid, the hood of a '39 Pontiac, and a giant tapestry of Zombie Elvis.
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Union Market Thrillist 47 Washington DC

35) Union Market
1309 5th St NE
This year-round indoor bite-bazaar is a foodie's demi-glaced wet dream, with the 40 localish artisans on-hand including custom-meat-cutting Harvey's Market, DC Empanadas, and Rappahannock Oyster Co.
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3 Stars Brewery Thrillist 47 Washington DC

36) 3 Stars Brewery
6400 Chillum Place NW; 202.670.0333
Remember when you first heard about the DC Homebrew Shop? Well, turns out you suck at brewing beer, so the same guys opened up a place where you can buy it instead.
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Boundary Stone Thrillist 47 Washington DC

37) Boundary Stone
116 Rhode Island Ave NW
Named for the mile markers that once shaped the city, the Bloomingdale public house serves jumbo lump crab rolls w/ homemade Old Bay tots, and a beer can chicken sandwich w/ pickled green tomatoes and bourbon BBQ sauce.
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Mintwood Place Thrillist 47 Washington DC

38) Mintwood Place
1813 Columbia Rd NW; 202.234.6732
Increasing the already staggering number of people Frenching in Adams Morgan at any given time, Mintwood Place serves Franco-twisted fare in a place that looks like where you'd sell off surplus buffalo meat in The Oregon Trail.
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Bar Charley's Thrillist 47 Washington DC

39) Bar Charley’s
1825 18th St, NW; 202.627.2163
With a name like Bar Charley's, you'd expect a menu to be filled with milk steaks, but, instead, the Dupont/ADMO spot from the El Chucho Cocina Superior crew is rocking an insanely eclectic mix of cocktails ranging from Orange Crushes to duck-fat-washed St. Germain drinks.
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Libertine Thrillist 47 Washington DC

40) Libertine
2435 18th St NW; 202.450.3106
Like most normal people with no discernible problems, you often wish you could travel and drink more absinthe. Well, guess what, Ernest Hemingway -- Libertine, the Parisian bar in ADMO, can't help you get to France, but they will take you on a globe-trotting absinthe adventure w/ their collection of 30 different types from around the world, all dripping out of vintage brouilleurs.
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Fed Restaurant Thrillist 47 Washington DC

41) Fed Restaurant
2477 18th St NW; 202.506.4314
Attention ADMO Tea Partiers: please put down your signs and your hilarious hats. It turns out the Fed that's moved into the old Saki space has only taken over the neighborhood's bar & food scene with Southern-comfort cuisine and a list of craft cocktails curated by the Wilder Bros (Black Jack/Mussel Bar).
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Smoke & Barrel Thrillist 47 Washington DC

42) Smoke & Barrel
2471 18th St, NW; 202.319.9353
Transforming Asylum's top floor into a haven of all things bourbon-y, crafty, and smoked, S&B's AR-imported pitmaster dishes out the goods in a wood-heavy interior rocking stools cut to mimic the curvature of barrel staves, and a bar made out of Amish mushroom wood.
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Arcuri Thrillist 47 Washington DC

43) Arcuri
2400 Wisconsin Ave NW; 202.827.8745
Have you ever burned the roof of your mouth and gotten brain-freeze, at the same time? No? Well, Mr. Foodie, you better Razor scooter yourself over to Arcuri: the below-ground Italian pizza spot in Glover Park where you'll pair a wood-fired hot pie with frozen limoncello slushies and finally experience the newest sensation all the food critics in Europe and Asia and other places are raving about.
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Society Fair Thrillist 47 Washington DC

44) Society Fair
277 S Washington St; 703.683.3247
Like the casting of James Bond, the recent trend in grocery stores has undeniably been towards "more bulk". But not at Society Fair, the chandeliered "lifestyle food market" from the creators of Restaurant Eve and Virtue Feed & Grain.
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Port City Brewery Thrillist 47 Washington DC

45) Port City Brewery
3950 Wheeler Ave; 703.797.2739
There are tons of advantages in switching from wine to beer, but you don't need a rhyme to enjoy the suds from the former wine-master who had the grapes to launch Port City Brewery.
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The Tequileria at Fuego Cocina Thrillist 47 Washington DC

46) The Tequileria at Fuego Cocina
2800 Clarendon Blvd; 571.970.2180
Immediately grab your most reformed Jewish friends and storm the first floor at this "temple of traditional Mexican cuisine", where the more formal atmosphere of the dining room above is eschewed for a tile bar that snakes end-to-end, and the agave liquors number more than 120.
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Pork Barrel BBQ Thrillist 47 Washington DC

47) Pork Barrel BBQ
2312 Mt Vernon Ave
Proving that Senate budgetary debates can actually be fruitful as long as they're not being conducted by senators: Pork Barrel BBQ, whose owners dreamt up the concept after (while?) staffing a late-night congressional sparring match on the Hill.
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