Taiwanese street bites move into the big time

Working on a smaller scale can help prepare you for the real thing, which explains why builders create 3D models before starting construction, and also why women are banging everyone but you. Right? Right??? For a full-fledged resto built off a more diminutive hit, check out Xiao Ye.

From a hip-hop t-shirtist who first dabbled in feeding the masses with the bustling, 5-item, Taiwanese bun shack Baohaus, XY's a full-on, booze-abetted Tai street-foodery expanding on it's sibling in an open-kitchened, concrete-floored jet-black sleeve decked with crazy psychedelic stools, party photos, and a graffiti-style marker so customers can "draw hot neon colored t*tties on the wall", much to the dismay of aspiring Pic-ass-os. The irreverently-named fare starts with apps like custom-blended pork, beef, & pork-n-shrimp Dumpling Face Killahs and Poont@ng Pot Stickers; Kim Jong's Ill Noodles, served cold w/ kim chi dressing, cucumbers, and hand-pulled free range chicken; and chili'd & lardo'd wok sauteed Buddah Sex Cabbage, which drives women crazy with its Brassica balls. Mid-size noshes include deep-fried helpings of all-natural cured pork belly, 24-hour marinated gator tail, and basil "She Bang" cod, while mains run from country-fried steak w/ kwi chang gravy, to Hainan "Robster Craws", to the signature pork belly/ox tail/pork rib/beef-or-short rib Everything But The Dog Meat Platter (you'll further defy Snoop when you prove it is fun when your homies can't have some).

House-infused liquor'll include flavors like pineapple, mango, lychee, and ginger, and'll be dropped into frozen drinks like the Sofa King Good (watermelon puree/rum/lime juice/bubbly), and a mix of Hawaiian Punch, brandy, dark rum, and "that good sh**" that's served in a bowl, an opportunity for people to step up to the big. Hear that ladies? Ladies???