Historically, man has gone west to fulfill many a destiny: acquiring boundless expanses of land, discovering untold riches, joining up with a sketchy group of dudes just to tell people he was in a "posse". Heeding that westward call: Mishka

The much-loved streetwear brand is opening their first non-Big Apple brick & mortar in Echo Park this weekend, which aims to replicate the vibe of their Brooklyn store w/ odd pop culture decorations (an African Army of Darkness poster), an HR Giger-esque octopus chandelier, odd artful clothing displays (the world's biggest baseball cap) and a locale that screams, "my bike has 20 fewer gears than your bike!". Their current collection, succinctly called "Trailblazing Through The City With Just a Pipe And a Guide", offers highlights like the single-colored, mountain-man flannel "Hawkeye," the vintage-ish, Japanese salvage denim "Alexi" jeans, and "Vladamir" shorts, which come in train engineer-style stripes (it's all about the caboose). They've also got a super-sweet nylon tour jacket w/ an embroidered American Indian chief on the back, and a load of creatively colorful death-themed tees, including a King of Hearts that's actually a skull holding a scythe, and a re-imagining of the Beatles' Revolver cover with each member now a skeleton -- so, it's half-accurate

To celebrate their opening, Mishka's having a blowout on Sat night, w/ music and booze at the store followed by indie rock bands at 3 Clubs on Vine in Hollywood, which's a bit further west already, and contains other groups of sketchy dudes, who would be glad to relieve you of any untold riches.