Get your vintage tunes in Echo Park

Though rec-league sports ostensibly offer a way to stay fit and meet new people, they actually end up being an hour of wheezing before you retreat into a pitcher of domestic beer. For a shop from a guy who got a little more out of his leisure, check Origami Vinyl

Origami's a new vinyl-and-more shop from the owner of the tiny, same-named indie label, who cunningly enlisted members of his rec-league soccer team to help him out, from aiding in the construction, to designing the sign, to contributing stuff to sell. The inside's minimalist-stark, with a massive line drawing of intersecting polygons surrounded by stacks of new records, ranging from classic hip hop (NWA's Straight Outta Compton) and just-out indie-rock (Black Keys' Dan Auerbach's solo debut), to jazz like Coltrane and underground rap from DJ Madlib, whose [ADVERB] mastery of the turntable [SYNONYM FOR GAME] makes other DJs feel like dirty [PLURAL NOUN]. They're also hawking a limited amount of exclusive gear, most made by the owner's soccer mates: the guys behind artsy t-shirt company Viper Black provided shirts and tote bags emblazoned with the store's name, logo, and silhouettes of the artist, and KILLSPENCER contributed a messenger/record bag, dieseled up with military-grade buckle-on handles, and crafted from canvas originally used as a collared officer's "Army cape" -- which is far less grand and glorious now that it's hauling your battalion of ELO

Origami'll also stock some turntables, and'll soon act as the sole daytime box office for Spaceland, The Echo, and The Echoplex. Tomorrow night, there's an opening party, with 10% off vinyl, music from electro-piano-poppers and singer/songwriter Nico Stai, plus an open bar -- because they understand that shopping is all about an hour of wheezing through aisles before retreating into a bottle of another man's Swedish vodka.