Pinball and clothes, together at last

Unexpected pairings can often lead to great success, or at least they did, until British Parliament dissolved the practice in 1997, citing several infractions by the Conservatives, specifically when-- wait, no one gets references to archaic parliamentary conventions? The American education system is broken! For an unexpected pairing that doesn't require Wikipedia, check out Pins and Needles.Just now open, P&N is a hybrid vintage pinball parlor/tailor shop (duh!), located speakeasy-style in a cavernous warehouse-esque space above a band rehearsal studio in Echo Park, started by a local costume designer/pinball addict who worked on outfits for the new Tron and once won first place in the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown, as the Rocky Mountain Oyster Showdown was too nuts. Games are mostly refurbished and reconstructed, with most of the 20+ options (more than anywhere else in LA) being '70s and '80s classics including the Miami Vice-aping "Hollywood Heat"; a "Dolly Parton" machine from 1979, and an original "Harlem Globetrotters" game, which is tough to beat, in Washington General. As far as the tailoring's concerned, P&N does all custom work, specializing in everything from suit construction, to hemming thrift store shirts, to fixing holey jeans; in fact, the owner says she'll do almost anything but "doesn't touch wedding dresses", and if you ever want to drink with college friends again, neither should you. As far as grub and drinks are concerned, it's all BYO, and for now hours range (so text ahead to make sure they're open), but once it's going full force it'll be open nightly, with Tuesday and Thursday set aside for league night, which you would know is actually 3.45mi night, if our public schools weren't bankrupt.