<em>District 9</em> Opening August 14th

The trailer above will shock you. Not like you were shocked when the Giants beat the Patriots, or the first time you found a strange man-hair growing out of your chest. More like the shock of discovering there are extraterrestrial beings living on Earth as refugees, being used by a multinational corporation for their weapons technology, and getting dangerously pissed off about it. Actually, it's exactly like that: District 9, a coolly ominous vision of the future produced by Lord of the Rings groundbreaker Peter Jackson, and directed by red-hot newcomer Neill Blomkamp, who's as fearless about filmmaking as he is about spelling his name with two L's. That is fearless. Check out the trailer now. And quit staring at your chest -- it's perfectly natural. District 9 premieres in theaters August 14. Get more glimpses of the future at District9movie.com, D-9.com, multinationalunited.com, and mnuspreadslies.com