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4 Easy Halloween Ice Ideas With Major Spooky Appeal

Halloween is the only time of year it’s socially acceptable to walk around your neighborhood in full Chewbacca regalia and eat an entire bag of candy corn or tootsie rolls for breakfast. It’s also the only holiday during which creeping out your party guests is not only permissible, but encouraged.

Instead of simply standing behind your friends and yelling “BOO!” as they sip from their cocktails, put a little scare into their drinks with spooky ice cubes. From floating frozen eyeballs to eerie black-hued cubes, there’s an easy (and unsettling) way to chill any drink. Whether you decide to whip up some gothic cocktails or channel your inner trick-or-treater with candy-inspired drinks, these four simple ice ideas will take your Halloween party drinks to next level weird.

The Bloodshot Eyeball

These macabre lychee-and-grape eyeballs are super-simple to throw together (really). All you need to make them is a can of whole lychees (one 20-ounce can makes 12 cubes), peeled green or red grapes, whole cloves and red food coloring. Simply nestle a peeled grape inside the hole of a lychee—cut the grape in half if it’s too big—stick a clove into the center of the grape and place the lychee into a slot in an ice cube tray (this silicone tray works well). Drizzle a couple of drops of red food coloring onto the lychee—it will vein out to make the “eye” look bloodshot—and freeze until solid. Once the lychee eyeballs are ready, drop one (or more) into any drink like a Boodriver and watch your guests do a double take.

Creepy Crawling Spiders

It’s unsettling enough to find an itsy bitsy spider crawling up your bedroom wall, but finding one creeping out of your cocktail is downright harrowing. These crazy simple ice cubes are sure to freak out your arachnophobic friends. Fill any ice cube tray with water, then place a plastic spider into each slot, making sure it is almost entirely submersed. Place the tray in the freezer and allow the cubes to freeze completely before using in a drink. We like them in Fangria.

Seeing (Blood) Red Cubes

As these crimson-hued frozen cubes melt, they bleed sinister, blood-colored juice into a cocktail—and add some delicious flavor as well. To make them, fill ice cube trays with either blood orange juice or cranberry juice—or both—and freeze until solid. We like them in a Tekilla Sunrise.

Bleeding Black Ice

For a little taste of the witching hour, drop these pitch black cubes into a drink. There’s two ways to make them. To create the cubes pictured above, dissolve activated charcoal in water and pour it into ice molds. The resulting cubes are like eerie, smoky portals into an unknown dimension. As the ice melts, it will cloud your cocktails with an onyx hue.

Alternatively, you can blend two parts red wine with one part water and a few drops of green and blue food coloring. Pour the mix into an ice cube tray and freeze to get ghoulish, wine-flavored cubes perfect for a Risky Sour. Or, add them to a Morguerita rimmed with black salt for a deeply eerie libation.