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10 Boozy Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids

Asking someone to be your bridesmaid is a big deal. It shows her that you consider her to be one of the most special people in your life, and that you couldn’t imagine your big day without her by your side. But it’s also asking a heck of a lot: From the planning to dress shopping to helping you get ready for the big day and avoiding any potential meltdowns, bridesmaids—for better or worse—have your back. So thank your team of trusty pals for playing this important part in your wedding with a personalized, boozy gift. Not only will it show how grateful you are, but it could also come in handy when the aforementioned meltdown strikes.

The Ultimate Booze Box

A beautifully packaged box of booze is a wonderful way to ask someone to be your maid or matron of honor, or to thank her for her support when the wedding is over. You could gift a bottle of her favorite booze, or spring for a more expensive, special bottling, like an aged whiskey or a premium bottle of Champagne. Then fill the box out with other goodies, like jewelry, a silk robe, beauty products and boozy sweets, or purchase a pre-made package like this one from Love and Found ($58).

Mini Bottles to Mark Wedding Milestones

Get your bridesmaids pumped to celebrate every stage of your wedding—not just the main affair—by giving them mini liquor bottles dedicated to each event. Choose different types of spirits or varietals of wine, and label them with prompts such as “for the bridal shower” or “for the bachelorette party” or even “for when I inevitably turn into a bridezilla.”


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Glitter Champagne Bottles

Whether you choose a mini bottle or the real deal, make your bubbly gift sparkle even more by glueing gold or rosé-inspired pink glitter to the label. While these glittery bottles of Champagne may prioritize style over function, they’re so darn gorgeous and Instagrammable that it hardly matters.


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Wedding-Themed Koozies

Any beer-drinking bridesmaid can appreciate a koozie to keep her brewski cold, and these wedding-themed options are a simple, crowd-pleasing present. The best part is, customized koozies are super affordable in large quantities, so you won’t make a massive dent in your budget if your wedding party nearly outnumbers the guest list.


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Customized Glasses

A personalized wine glass, shot glass or Champagne flute is a lovely piece of wedding memorabilia, and if you have an artistic hand, they’re easy to make on your own. Get some brightly colored or metallic paint pens, and customize the glasses with your bridesmaids’ names and a whimsical design.

Etched Old-Fashioned Glass

If your girlfriends aren’t into drinking sparkling rosé from a bedazzled wine glass, these old-fashioned glasses are ideal for something a little stronger. Gold-rimmed and etched with a personalized monogram, these glasses ($45 for a set of four) are a classy, permanent addition to any bridesmaid’s bar cart—and will effectively keep it a glitter-free zone.


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Carry On Cocktail Kits

If you’re having a destination wedding, a bachelorette party in Vegas or flying your bridesmaids in from far flung locales for the occasion, help them enjoy a stiff drink during the trip. These Carry On Cocktail Kits from W&P Design ($24) allow your bridesmaids to mix two quality cocktails while 40,000 feet above ground. And if you’d rather give each kit a personal touch and save a few bucks, you can learn how to make your own.

Bottle Tote Bags

Carrying bottles of booze can be a hassle—and no one wants to tow around a cooler—so an insulated tote bag for bottles is a thoughtful, practical gift. Personalize the tote with each bridesmaid’s name or a cheesy, boozy wedding pun that they can show off at picnics for years to come.

Mini Liquor Bottle Garters

The bride wears the garter that will be tossed into the crowd of eligible bachelors at the wedding, but the bridesmaids can keep a trick up their own sleeves (or dress) too. This lace garter ($20) is able to hold a flask or mini bottle of alcohol—perfect for clandestine drinking before the ceremony to calm everyone’s nerves.


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Hangover Kits

In case you didn’t realize, there’s going to be a lot of drinking going down in your honor—and plenty of evil hangovers the morning after the wedding. Equip your bridesmaids with a homemade hangover kit, complete with granola bars, water, ibuprofen, hair ties, sunglasses and some hair of the dog. Trust us, they’ll appreciate the gesture—just be sure to save a couple for yourself and your groom too.