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9 Boozy Gift Ideas for Your Groomsmen

Your bride may have a whole Pinterest board where she keeps gift ideas for her bridesmaids, but as the groom, you may not have thought as much about how you’ll thank your groomsmen for standing by your side on your wedding day—and planning that epic bachelor party. Show your appreciation for your best mates with one of these boozy groomsmen gifts, because nothing says “thanks for wearing this matching tweed suit all day” quite like alcohol.

The Ultimate Booze Box

Ask your friends to be your groomsmen in style with a box of booze and other wedding-appropriate gifts. Past grooms have approached this popular DIY project in a variety of ways, filling their gentlemen’s kit with items such as ties, watches, pocket knives, axes, matches, shot glasses and—almost always—a good ol’ bottle of whiskey.


Custom Flasks

From pregaming for the bachelor party to sneaking booze into the ceremony (waiting for the reception’s open bar is too much to ask of some people), your groomsmen are most likely going to want to a drink on the go. Everyone loves a nice hip flask, so get the crew matching ones, like these ($13), which come with personalized, laser engravings.

Caricature Pint Glasses

These caricature pint glasses ($55) reimagine your groomsmen as cartoons, either in civilian attire or styled like famed superheroes, such as Iron Man, Captain America or the Hulk. Have fun putting together your own team of super-grooms, and don’t forget to get a photo of everyone holding their their magically powered likeness.


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Wooden Six-Pack Carriers

With this rustic beer carrier ($51), your groomsmen will be able carry their six pack to a party like a boss—and open the bottles right off the case. This fir wood case is stained to a nice dark shade, so the stencil of deer antlers and first-name personalizations really pop.

Custom Whiskey Decanter

If your groomsmen are dedicated whiskey drinkers, they’ll appreciate owning a stylish and customized decanter—and feeling like they’re on Mad Men every time they use it. This decanter ($44) can be etched with a name and design, and it comes with two monogrammed rocks glasses to complete the set.


Bottle Openers  

Forgo the cheap, keychain bottle openers, and gift your groomsmen with a truly sturdy opener instead, personalized with their name and wedding party title. These wood-plated gadgets ($13) are meant to open both beer and wine bottles, are made from stainless steel, and are eye-catching but compact enough to fit inside a pocket.


Personalized Beer Tankard  

It’s way more fun to drink from a stein than straight out of the bottle, so get your groomsmen these customized pewter tankards ($45), so you can all clank your brews together “Gaston”-style at your bachelor party.

Drinking Horn

Even if your groomsmen are seasoned drinker with fully stocked home bars, there’s one piece of glassware they probably don’t own: A drinking horn. Styled to resemble the traditional Viking mead-carrying horns, this vessel ($38) comes with a wooden stand and a leather fastening, and it can be engraved with each groomsman’s initial—functional and stylish.

Cigar Box   

Sure, this gift doesn’t actually contain booze, but the classy packaging of this cigar box ($7, cigar not included) is too awesome to ignore. Pair it with an actual bottle of whisky, and you’ll be all set for a manly pow-wow of cigar puffing and scotch swilling to relax your nerves before the ceremony.