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5 Drinking Games to Play at Friendsgiving

Getty Images/Steve Russell/Toronto Star

For those of you not braving the wilds of American airports this Thanksgiving, and electing instead to spend turkey day with the people you love but are not related to, you’ll need some Friendsgiving entertainment. One of the main differences between a traditional Thanksgiving and a Friendsgiving is that drinking is done purely for fun rather than as a means to avoid talking politics with your uncle or college-aged cousin who just discovered Kant’s imperative. And what would make Friendsgiving drinking even more fun? A little friendly competition. To do just that, try out one of our Friendsgiving drinking games. Perfect for before, during or after dinner.


A classic with super easy rules. One person at the table picks a category and you go round and round naming things in that category until someone fails. You fail, you drink. Make it extra Friendsgiving specific by using personal categories, like “members of Steve’s family” or “Melissa’s exes.”

Hi Mom!

Everyone swaps phones with someone else at the table. Then, you all take turns calling the phone owner’s family, pretending to be him or her. Everyone at the table takes a drink for every five seconds that passes that the imposter goes unidentified.
NOTE: Not for anyone whose family can’t take a joke.

What Are You Thankful For?

We know. The whole reason you’re at Friendsgiving is to avoid someone awkwardly asking you to list what you’re thankful for. But here’s a way to do it that anyone should be able to get behind: Have everyone write down three things that they’re thankful for on slips of paper and give them to the host. He or she reads off each one and the group guesses who gave thanks for what. If more than three people guess the person correctly, he has to drink. If not, he gets to pick someone else to drink.  

On Parade

If you do not live in New York / enjoy waking up early on a holiday, you may not be a regular viewer of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. But now is your chance—and your chance to do it as a drinking game. DVR the parade (it’s on NBC starting at 9 a.m. Eastern), and as every new float appears, go around the room with each player naming a different character on the float. Every time someone fails to correctly name one, they drink. Better brush up on your lesser Disney Channel live action tween shows.

Thanksgiving Playlist

Queue up the Thanksgiving playlist on Spotify and let it play. Every time a new song comes on, go around the room and have a different player name the artist. Every time they can’t, they drink. If they can, they pick someone else to drink.