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The Double-Decker One-Two Punch

Labor Day weekend is your last chance to throw an all-out summer bash. Instead of making just one punch for your BBQ, make two—one celebrating the last days of summer, the other welcoming in fall. Then, for a real wow effect, stack them. Our Summer Punch is light and effervescent with notes of blackberry and honeysuckle, while our Fall Punch is rich, with touches of toffee and caramel apple. Guests can choose between the seasonally inspired drinks or mix the two together in one glass for a real one-two flavor punch.

Before you tackle the punches, you need to secure a double-decker punch bowl. Sadly, such things are hard to come by, so we devised a DIY method of hacking one together with two 12” plastic bowls and a 7” aluminum shellfish stand. To assemble, nestle the shellfish stand into one bowl with the widest ring of the stand forming the base. Then, set the second bowl in the upper, smaller ring. It’s easiest to do this when both punch bowls are already filled with punch. Then, kick back and let your guests ladle from your two-story tipple.


Summer Punch

3 750-ml bottles Champagne (or any dry sparkling wine)
1 750-ml bottle crème de mûre (blackberry liqueur)
1 375-ml bottle Sauterne
Pineapple cubes, for garnish

Add all ingredients to a punch bowl. Stir to combine. Finish by adding a large, pre-made ice block or a few big cubes.

Fall Punch

1 750 ml-bottle Hochheimer Riesling (or any dry German Riesling)
1 750 ml-bottle calvados
1 750 ml-bottle Jamaican rum
1 750 ml-bottle Madeira wine
1 L seltzer
1 cup green tea-raisin syrup (see below)
1 lemon, sliced, for garnish

Pour the Riesling, calvados, rum, madeira and green tea-raisin syrup into a large punch bowl. Top with the soda water and sliced lemons. Stir to combine. Finish by adding one large, pre-made ice block or a few big cubes.

Green Tea-Raisin Syrup
Makes approx. 2 cups

1 cup golden raisins
3 tbsp genmaicha green tea
1 cup white sugar
1 cup water

Add all ingredients to a saucepan and bring to a simmer. Once the sugar is dissolved, remove the pan from the heat and let steep for 30 minutes. Strain the syrup through a fine sieve and refrigerate before using.