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Quarterback Picklebacks to Make for the Big Game

This Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots go head-to-head for the championship title, and all eyes are on quarterbacks Matt Ryan and Tom Brady. While there are plenty of ways to toast their impending success (or demise), we think a round of quarterback picklebacks is the best way to go about it. Here, two custom picklebacks, inspired by Brady and Ryan.  

The Tom Brady Pickleback

The Patriots quarterback is a controversial man. In the infamous Deflategate scandal of 2015, Brady was charged with tampering with game balls to give him a leg-up in that year’s championship, which ultimately led to his four-game suspension at the beginning of the 2016 season. In other words, Tom Brady is a cheater. He’s also, arguably, the best quarterback in the NFL.

For his whiskey, we decided to use the reliably delicious bourbon from Berkshire Mountain Distillers in Sheffield, Massachusetts—a nod to New England and Brady’s consistently great performance. But even with such talent, Brady is known to get salty when things don’t go his way, so we chose the brine from Vlasic Kosher Dill Spears as the chaser. The brine from this grocery store staple is extra salty and the spears that lie within it are often a tad mushy, much like Brady’s deflated footballs. Make sure to leave all of the pickle sediment in the glass to represent his down and dirty game tactics.

The Matt Ryan Pickleback

Atlanta Falcon Matt Ryan is an all-American treasure. He came back from a mediocre 2015 season to lead the NFL’s highest-scoring and perhaps most efficient offense this year. He’s an easygoing, likeable guy who earned the nickname “Matty Ice” for his ability to remain cool and collected under pressure. He’s also of Irish descent, so we cast easy going Jameson in the whiskey role for his shot. If you want to get a little fancy, Lord Lieutenant Kinahan’s L.L. Single Malt Irish Whiskey is also a great option. Because he’s such a classy guy, we chose the perfectly balanced brine from McClure’s Garlic Dill Spears as his chaser. Its bright and slightly sweet flavor perfectly complements the mild spiciness of Irish whiskey. Filter the brine through a fine mesh sieve to remove any sediment for a squeaky clean shot that’s as pure as Ryan himself.